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Import PDS formatted MOC image cube into Isis format cube



This program will import a PDS formatted MOC image into an Isis cube. The input file can be in MOC compressed format (extension = ".imq" normally) or uncompressed (extension = "img"). The program does not use the extension to determine if the file is compressed or not. It uses the label keyword "ENCODING_TYPE".


Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input PDS formatted MOC EDR image file
TO Output Isis cube

Files: FROM


Use this parameter to select the MOC image filename. The file can be in either MOC compressed format or uncompressed format. The extension is not used to determine the compression status.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.imq *.img

Files: TO


Use this parameter to select the output filename

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub


Kris Becker1997-05-01 Original version
Stuart Sides2003-05-15 Wrote for Isis 3.
Stuart Sides2003-05-16 Modified schema location from astrogeology... to isis.astrogeology..."
Stuart Sides2003-06-04 Fixed Makefile
Stuart Sides2003-10-10 Converted to use new IsisImport instead of IsisPdsImport
Stuart Sides2003-10-16 Modified pds2isis to become moc2isis
Stuart Sides2003-10-28 Changed OriginalSpacecraftClockCount to SpacecraftClockCount Translated MARS_GLOBAL_SURVEYOR to "MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR"
Stuart Sides2003-12-09 Fixed label band_bin group for the broad band.
Stuart Sides2004-01-14 Modified to have the "kernels" group added to the labels. The only keyword (for now) is "NaifFrameCode".
Stuart Sides2004-02-17 Updated to use the new IsisImportPds class instead of the IsisImport class.
Stuart Sides2004-02-17 Added new "Alpha" keywords to the instrument group.
Jeff Anderson2004-04-21 Will attempt decompression using the ENCODING_TYPE keyword instead of the DATA_SET_ID
Jeff Anderson2004-06-02 Fixed bug due to PVL refactor
Brendan George2006-11-14 Modified to comply with changes to PvlToPvlTranslationManager and PvlTranslationTable
Kris Becker2007-09-25 Changed the way the temporary filename is created when the file needs to be uncompressed. It now uses the input base filename as the root of the file path.
Kris Becker2007-10-10 Ensure the label of the uncompressed image is used in the translation of PDS keywords, not the compressed image.
Christopher Austin2008-03-18 Checks if input file is rdr.
Steven Lambright2008-05-13 Removed references to CubeInfo
Steven Lambright and Mathew Eis2012-11-07 Temporary files are no longer created if not needed. As a result, temporary files are now deleted properly. Fixes #1009.