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Convert Clementine data to Isis cube

Overview Parameters Example 1


This program takes a Clementine image and formats it into an Isis cube. The images are decompressed from Clementine 8-bit into a pixel type selected by the user.



Brendan George2006-02-03 Converted to Isis 3
Brendan George2006-07-28 Fixed compiletime warnings
Kris Becker2006-12-11 Made changes to make code more standard (replaced malloc.h with stdlib.h). Also fixed bug in format for internal read of long formatted for an int, which differs in size.
Jeff Anderson2007-01-08 Fixed bug with non-permanent char* pointer
Steven Koechle2007-05-22 Removed "Z" from end of value for StartTime label. Propagated Original Labels Added PvlKeywords: FocalPlaneTemperature ExposureDuration EncodingCompressionRatio OffsetModeID GainModeID ProductID MissionPhase. Changed output cube from real to unsignedByte. Added handeling for LIS and HIS values.
Steven Koechle2007-06-06 Added PvlKeywords and Added NIR Test Data
Steven Koechle2007-06-12 Added Example
Steven Koechle2007-06-12 Changed to translate labels through translation table. Fixed Name keyword in BandBin group
Christopher Austin2008-02-20 Altered the output cube's BandBin group, changing the Keyword "Name" back to "FilterName".
Christopher Austin2008-03-18 Checks if input file is rdr.
Steven Lambright2008-05-13 Removed references to CubeInfo
Tracie Sucharski2009-02-17 Added BandBin keywords Center and Width to clementine.trn and alter the output values only if the filter is not the F filter.
Mackenzie Boyd2009-05-26 Modified label transfer to include MCP_Gain_Mode_ID when images is from HIRES camera.
Jeff Anderson and Victor Silva2017-12-27 Modified Kernels group to support filter dependent focal length and optical distortion for UVVIS camera.
Jeannie Backer2018-09-01 Added documentation, brought closer to coding standards and merged into public repo.

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input file
TO Output cube

Files: FROM


This file is the input Clementine image to be processed into an Isis cube.

Type filename
File Mode input
Close Window

Files: TO


This is the cube which will be output after the processing is finished.

Type cube
File Mode output
Pixel Type unsignedByte
Filter *.cub
Close Window

Example 1

Using clem2isis


The use of clem2isis to ingest PDS images and output Isis cubes

Command Line

clem2isis from= lne4885r.300 to=lne4885r.cub
This example shows the use of clem2isis create an Isis cube from a PDS image.

GUI Screenshot

clem2isis gui

Example GUI

Screenshot of the GUI with parameters

Data File

Links open in a new window.
Input PDS image. This is the image from PDS

Output Image

The cube image after conversion

Final output image after the conversion

Parameter Name: TO

Converts from PDS format to a Isis cube.