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Application to get Excel compatible statistics

Overview Parameters Example 1


This application takes a control net and outputs the same data avalible from campt for every control measure in the control net. It also outputs data about the measure and point. This data is formated as a flat file and is comma seperated so it can be imported to Excel. The columns titles in the file are:
  • ControlPointId
  • PointType
  • Ignored
  • Held
  • Invalid
  • UniversalLatitude
  • UniversalLongitude
  • Radius
  • Filename
  • Sample
  • Line
  • PixelValue
  • Declination
  • PlanetocentricLatitude
  • PlanetographicLatitude
  • PositiveEast360Longitude
  • PositiveEast180Longitude
  • PositiveWest360Longitude
  • PositiveWest180Longitude
  • BodyFixedCoordinateX
  • BodyFixedCoordinateY
  • BodyFixedCoordinateZ
  • LocalRadius
  • SampleResolution
  • LineResolution
  • SpacecraftPositionX
  • SpacecraftPositionY
  • SpacecraftPositionZ
  • SpacecraftAzimuth
  • SlantDistance
  • TargetCenterDistance
  • SubSpacecraftLatitude
  • SubSpacecraftLongitude
  • SpacecraftAltitude
  • OffNadirAngle
  • SubSpacecraftGroundAzimuth
  • SunPositionX
  • SunPositionY
  • SunPositionZ
  • SubSolarAzimuth
  • SolarDistance
  • SubSolarLatitude
  • SubSolarLongitude
  • SubSolarGroundAzimuth
  • Phase
  • Incidence
  • Emission
  • NorthAzimuth
  • EphemerisTime
  • UTC
  • LocalSolarTime
  • SolarLongitude
  • ZScoreMin
  • ZScoreMax
  • SampleError
  • LineError
  • ErrorMagnitude
  • Type
  • IsMeasured
  • IsValidated
  • Ignore
  • GoodnessOfFit
  • Error


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Mackenzie Boyd2009-09-11 Original version
Mackenzie Boyd2010-03-12 Added ALLOWOUTSIDE option default behavior not modified at all.
Mackenzie Boyd2010-03-25 Change to CameraPointInfo added two parameters to output and modified two Output now had PositiveEast360Longitude and PositiveWest180Longitude. Also made append option more forgiving so that it will create a file if none exists.
Mackenzie Boyd2010-05-24 Added option to allow for errors so that instead of crashing the program continues and reports the errors in the output file.
Mackenzie Boyd2010-06-07 Updated and added to documentation.
Christopher Austin2010-06-08 Gave cnettable the ability to compile
Mackenzie Boyd2011-04-11 Modified outputs which would have been Isis::Null double values to now be empty strings.
James Alexander Crough2011-07-19 Made the software output all of the log values in addition to the normal output of the software.
Jeannie Backer2014-08-22 Updated truth data due to modifications, printing NULL instead of N/A. References #1659.
Tyler Wilson2014-08-17 Updated application truth data due to modifications in CameraPointInfo class. References #476.
Kaj Williams2017-04-21 Trimmed extra commas from label and data. References #4657.

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROMLIST List of cubes associated with control net
CNET A control net
FLATFILE Text file containing the control net statistics
APPEND Append output to "FLATFILE" file


Name Description
ALLOWOUTSIDE Allow sample/line values outside of the images


Name Description
ALLOWERRORS Allow errors to occur without halting execution.



Use this parameter to select the filename of a list of cubes the cubes used to create the control net.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.txt *.lis *.lst *.list
Close Window

Files: CNET


The control net from which to derive statistics.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.net *.cnet
Close Window



This file will contain the statistics of all the control measures in the control net.

Type filename
File Mode output
Filter *.txt *.csv
Close Window



If checked this option allows file output to be appended to a file or create a new file. If the file already exists and append is off the program will overwrite the existing file.

Type boolean
Default false
Close Window



When checked sample/line values that are outside of the images (but close) will be extrapolated. For example a sample of -0.5 would be valid. If this is not checked a sample of -0.5 is not allowed.

Type boolean
Default false
Close Window



If errors occur such as values not having an intersection with the body or sample line locations outside of the cube with ALLOWOUTSIDE not checked the program will continue and report the error and reason to the file. If no errors occur "N/A" is put into the column, otherwise, the reason for the error is written to the file.

Type boolean
Default false
Close Window

Example 1

Usage of cnettable application


This is an example of how to use cnettable to produce a flatfile or csv file for excel or other uses. The required elements are a list of cubes and a corresponding control network. The easiest way to get this is to run findimageoverlaps on a list of cubes and then autoseed this list with the overlaps.

Command Line

cnettable fromlist=cubeList.lst cnet=testNet.net flatfile=output.csv
These arguments will produce a flatfile containing infomation on all the points in the control net.

GUI Screenshot

cnettable GUI

Example GUI

Screenshot of the GUI with parameters set to take a list of cubes a control network and output to a text file.

Data File

Links open in a new window.
An small example file of the output of the application. This file contains the output of a run of cnettable on a very small control network. It shows all the expected data for the program and the format the data is in.