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Stacks individual cubes into one cube

Overview Parameters


This program will stack a series of cubes into a single output cube. You can use cubeit to combine individual color bands to create a multi-band cube.

A text-based file that contains a list of cubes to stack must be entered in the FROMLIST. Each cube must have the same spatial dimensions (e.g., samples and lines). The BandBin group, which is used to store information regarding each band in the cube, will be constructed.

The order of the file is used to generate the stacking order. Cubes are automatically placed down as cubeit reads the list from top-to-bottom. You can change the order to make certain cubes appear in front of or behind other cubes by modifying the list order.

By default, any tracking information stored within an input cube (for example, as generated by automos, mapmos, etc.) is not propagated to the output cube, since, in most cases, this tracking information is no longer relevant to the output cube.


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Jeff Anderson2003-09-04 Original version
Brendan George2006-09-14 Changed List parameter to have filename type, and added support for Attributes on tthe cubes in the file list.
Elizabeth Miller2006-10-11 Modified to allow the user to pick which cube labels are propagated (using the PROPLAB keyword), rather than just using the first input cube (this is still the default). And added a helper button
Jeff Anderson2007-05-16 Modified so that the cube list does not need to contain the full directory path for PROPLAB option
Steven Lambright2008-05-13 Removed references to CubeInfo
Sharmila Prasad2011-01-20 Updated for changes in ProcessMosaic
Mackenzie Boyd2011-04-11 Changed parameter LIST to FROMLIST
Steven Lambright2013-01-10 Fixed handling of band specifications in the list file. The band bin group is still incorrect, but the correct bands are now placed in the output cube. Fixes #964.
Kristin Berry2014-05-20 Fixed handing of input attributes so that the specified input band(s) are included in the output cube.
Kristin Berry2015-07-22 Modified so that tracking information in the input cubes is not propagated to the output cube.
Christopher Combs2017-05-19 Modified Makefile of badinputs app test to truncate paths before data directory. Allows tests to pass when not using the default data area. Fixes #4783.
Stuart Sides2018-11-19 Removed the tracking label group if it exists in the output cube. Fixes #5533.

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROMLIST A text file containing a list of cubes
TO Output cube name

Label Propagation Options

Name Description
PROPLAB Input cube to propagate labels from



Each file in this list, one per line, will be added to the output cube in the order they appear.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.lis
Close Window

Files: TO


The name of cube containing the stacked data.

Type cube
File Mode output
Close Window

Label Propagation Options: PROPLAB


The input cube to propagate the labels from. By default, it will propagate the labels from the first input cube in the list.

Type cube
Internal Default First Cube in List
Close Window