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Import msss ddd file into Isis format

Overview Parameters


This program will import a ddd image into an Isis cube. The ddd format files are created by Malin Space Science Systems.



Steven Lambright2009-01-06 Original version
Janet Barrett2013-04-29 The program was not working on some newly released MSL ddd files because the number of bytes in the header has increased. The program was modified to read in the image offset from the file header. This image offset is a 4 byte integer that starts at byte 20 in the file header. If the offset is set to 0, then this means the label is 1024 bytes long. The offset must be a multiple of 1024. Fixes #1594.
Janet Barrett2013-07-11 Modified code to write out number of lines, number of samples, number of bands, bit type, and label bytes to assist in determining how the file should be read in. If the input file is a standard ddd file, then this program will be able to import it. If the data is interleaved, then it will need to be read in using a combination of the raw2isis and crop programs. Fixes #1713.
Kaitlyn Lee2018-03-01 We were given a python program that reads in data from a ddd file to use as an example. In the python program, the formula they used to calculate the number of bands is different from the one we previously used. The old formula did the number of total band bits / 8; the formula is now (the number of total band bits / 8) / the number of bytes of the data type of the file's bit type. Added the ability to process files with multiple bands. Removed the internal default of the output parameter set to None so that an output file is now requried. Fixes #703.
Adam Paquette2020-02-28 Updated the dataTypes QMap with a new mapping (32, 4) to handle ingesting the updated uvflat files from malin. Fixes #3715.

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input ddd file
TO Output Isis cube

Files: FROM


Use this parameter to select the ddd filename.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.ddd
Close Window

Files: TO


Use this parameter to select the output filename

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub
Close Window