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Produce an output mosaic of HiRISE CCD images from the same observation and filter.

Overview Parameters


** The output from this program is required by hirdrgen **
If the final product wil not be an RDR, mapmos or automos can be used to produce a mosaic. This program produces a mosaic and adds keywords to the label group "Mosaic" that are required by hirdrgen.
The input cubes to this program must be from the same observation, same filter, and map projected.
A new label group, required by hirdrgen, called "Mosaic" is added to the image labels of the output cube. The original label blob is also propagated from the first file in the input list.

processing sequence for single filter products that will become RDRs
cam2map - project the cube. hicolormos requiers a map projected cube.
himos - mosaic files and add keywords to the mosaic group.
hirdrgen - produce a RDR product.



Robert Sucharski2006-07-19 Original version,
Elizabeth Miller2007-02-20 Changed OriginalLabel name to IsisCube
Robert Sucharski2007-04-18 Added NothAzimuth, SubSolarAzimuth, and SpecialProcessingFlag keywords to the output mosaic group
Robert Sucharski2007-10-18 Added code to get the avg line and sample for gathering camera infomation if using the avg latitude and longitude fails. We contine to use the latitude and logitude so that we are backwards compatible. We added this new code because the camera could not find an itersect for some images (polar) if we used projection latitude and longitude to "setGround".
Debbie A. Cook2012-07-06 Updated Spice members to be more compliant with Isis coding standards. References #972.
Debbie A. Cook2012-12-10 Changed to use TProjection instead of Projection. References #775

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROMLIST Input list of files
TO Output mosaic
PRIORITYThe priority of pixel placement



A single colume list of HiRISE CCD files that will be mosaiced together. The input files must be from the some observation and be from the same filter. The files must also be map projected.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.lis *.lst *.txt
Close Window

Files: TO


the output mosaic cube with the new mosaic label group added..

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub
Close Window



This parameter is used to select one of two ways to masaic the pixels in areas of overlap.

Type string
Default ONTOP
Option List:
Option Brief Description
ONTOPInput cube will be placed on top of the mosaic When the input pixel is not Null, the input pixel value will be written to the output cube.
BENEATHInput cube will be placed beneath the mosaic When the mosaic pixel is not Null it will be left unchanged.
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