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Import PDS/FITS formatted Hayabusa2 image into ISIS cube

Overview Parameters


This application will import and convert a Hayabusa2 Optical Navigation Camera (ONC) FITS image to an ISIS cube.


  • Raw image data file (.fit) (specified in FROM label)
  • Output ISIS file name (.cub) (specified in TO label)
  • Target name if target must be overridden (specified in TARGET).

The input FITS formatted header file for the Hayabusa2 image must be used in the FROM parameter.

When TARGET Parameter Should Be Specified

  • When Hayabusa2 EDR labels contain an incorrect value for the TARGET_NAME keyword
  • To define TARGET = "SKY" to later project the data with skymap.

Mission Overview

The Hayabusa2 spacecraft was launched on 3 Dec 2014. The Optical Navigation Camera (ONC) package is positioned on the nadir-facing panel.

The mission purpose is to rendezvous with (and provide a sample return from) the Apollo asteroid 162173 Ryugu, a Cg-type asteroid.

Instrument Overview

The ONC package consists of three cameras: the telescopic (ONC-T) camera and two wide-angle cameras (ONC-W1,ONC-W2).

The wide-angle cameras each have a square 65.24 x 65.24 deg. field of view (FOV). The wide-angle camera ONC-W1 and ONC-W2 have focal lengths of 10.35 mm and 10.44 mm, respectively. The telescope camera has a 6.35 x 6.35 deg. FOV. The telescopic camera ONC-T has a focal length of 121.1 mm.

The ONC package has a set of eight bandpass filters. Below is a table of the filters and their specifications:

ONC Filters

The following table provides the specifications for each of the six ONC-T bandpass filters.

ONC Filter Specifications
Filter Number Band center (nm) FWHP Bandwidth (nm)
ul 390 40
Wide 775 850
v 550 30
w 700 30
x 860 40
Na 589.5 10
p 950 60
b 480 30

Data Archive



Suzuki, H. et al. (2017) Initial Inflight Calibration for Hayabusa2 Optical Navigation Camera (ONC) for Scientific Observations of Asteroid Ryugu (in review for Icarus).

Kameda, S. et al. (2015) Detectability of hydrous minerals using ONC-T camera onboard the Hayabusa2 spacecraft, Advances in Space Research, Volume 56, Issue 7, Pages 1519-1524, ISSN 0273-1177, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.asr.2015.06.037. (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0273117715004743)



Kaj Williams2017-07-05 Original version
Kaj Williams and Ian Humphrey2017-07-26 Added references and more text.

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Input PDS formatted detached header file for ONC image.
TOOutput ISIS cube filename


Name Description
TARGETProvide target name if absent or incorrect in input (FROM) label

Files: FROM


This file is the PDS label (ending in .lbl) to the image data. The image data are stored in FITS format with the detached .lbl file describing generic access to the data. The program, hyb2onc2isis, will also read the FITS file and extract the header contained therein. Some FITS label values are transferred to the output ISIS files as well for completeness.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.lbl *.LBL
Close Window

Files: TO


Use this parameter to select the output filename of the ISIS cube generated by this application.

Type cube
File Mode output
Pixel Type real
Filter *.cub
Close Window

Parameters: TARGET


This parameter may be necessary as some ONC EDR labels may not contain correct values for the TARGET_NAME keyword. This parameter can be used to provide the correct name of the target. It may also be used to specify SKY as the target to support projecting data to the celestial sphere.

Type string
Internal Default Label Value
Close Window