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Import OSIRIS-REx Camera Suite (OCAMS) files into ISIS format

Overview Parameters


This program will import FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) formatted files from the OSIRIS-REx MapCam, SamCam, and PolyCam instruments into the ISIS format.

The following issues were found by the OSIRIS-REx Image Processing Working Group and have been fixed in their version but are not yet available in the public version:

  • Focal position dependent distortion for the PolyCam model is not implemented
  • The current distortion is out of date, software changes are needed to use the OpenCV based distortion in the latest IKs
  • The Struct SPK is not being used which accounts for the positions of the instruments relative to the center of the spacecraft. From the struct kernel docs this will result in an error of about a meter.
  • Only specific sites have DSKs available. Software changes are required to load multiple DSKs at the same time. It is recommended that you only work within the extents of the DSK you are using. Use the dskbrief utility to view the lat/lon extents of your DSK file.
Based on these issues, it is recommended that users don't attempt to do sub-meter or color processing with this version of the software.


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Janet Barrett2014-04-02 Original version
Stuart C. Sides2015-09-28 Updated to only include labels requested by the OSIRIS-REx team
Cole Neubauer2017-04-07 Changed category from base program to supported mission
Jeannie Backer and Kaj Williams2017-07-07 Modified to reflect ProcessImportFits method name change from fitsLabel to fitsImageLabel.
Jeannie Backer2017-08-23 Updated to translate PolyCam kernels separately from other cameras. Fixes #5128
Jeannie Backer2017-08-25 Reverted code to only deal with a single kernels translation file for all instruments. Added PolyCamFocusPositionNaifId keyoword to kernels translation file. References #5127

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM An OSIRIS-REx OCAMS FITS file to be converted to an ISIS cube
TO Output ISIS cube file

Files: FROM


Use this parameter to select the filename of an OSIRIS-REx MapCam, SamCam, or PolyCam file to be converted to an ISIS cube. This is expected to be a FITS formatted file.

Type filename
File Mode input
Filter *.fits
Close Window

Files: TO


The output cube file that will contain the OSIRIS-REx OCAMS image in ISIS format.

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub
Close Window