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Display and analyze cube footprints

Overview Parameters


This is a tool for visualizing image footprints for a mosaic.

qmos is designed specifically for visualizing large amounts of images, how images overlap, where control points lie on the images, and how jigsaw has moved control points.

qmos only supports files which have latitude and longitude information associated with them. Global projections are also not supported. If your files meet these requirements, it is beneficial to run a couple of Isis programs on your files before loading them into qmos. The programs you should run are:
  • camstats from=future_input_to_qmos.cub attach=true sinc=... linc=...

  • This enables qmos to give you the emission angle, incidence angle, and resolution in the File List
  • footprintinit from=future_input_to_qmos.cub sinc=... linc=...

  • This enables qmos to use the given footprints instead of trying to calculate its own. The 'linc' and 'sinc' parameters can have a significant effect on your image's footprint. Also, images without footprints cannot be opened more than one at a time. Running footprintinit will significantly speed up loading images into qmos.
To see more documentation, launch qmos and go to "Help -> qmos Help."



Stacy Alley2009-05-20 Original version
Eric Hyer2010-03-22 Discontinued forcing of gui style to windows
Steven Lambright2011-09-28 Rewrote the underlying functionality and re-factored the majority of the code base to make a quicker, more-intuitive and more maintainable program. Updated user documentation to be much more complete.
Steven Lambright2011-10-05 Improved documentation in preparation for the October release. Working with me to help figure out the best ways to document qmos were Orrin Thomas and Trent Hare. Fixes #427
Kimberly Oyama and Steven Lambright2012-07-26 Added the 'Auto Grid' functionality, an options dialog, the option to select the source of the latitude and longitude extents, and an 'Auto Apply' option to update the grid as parameters are changed to the grid tool. Also changed the draw and clear grid buttons to a single 'Show Grid' check button. Updated the documentation to include these changes. Fixes #604.
Steven Lambright2012-12-27 Added a 'Phase Angle' column to the list of opened files. This column behaves exactly like the other camera angle columns with respect to visibility and sorting. Fixes #1093.
Steven Lambright2013-01-09 Added some color coding options for the jigsaw movement arrows in the control network tool. You can now color code this arrows on the number of measures in a point or on the maximum residual magnitude of the measures in the point. Fixes #479.
Steven Lambright2013-02-01 Fixed a bug that caused qmos to sometimes freeze, in the grid tool, when the maximum longitude was set to a negative value. Fixes #1060.
Steven Lambright2013-02-12 Improved map file capabilities. Please see the help pages inside of qmos (Help -> qmos Help) for descriptions and explanations of the new functionality. Fixes #1034.
Steven Lambright2013-03-06 The grid tool should no longer crash when it cannot compute image extents automatically. Fixes #1547.
Steven Lambright2013-03-19 The grid tool's "Auto Grid" option will now remember it's state between qmos runs. There is now an option to set the current file list columns as the default. These changes will not impact what is stored/loaded from projects. If you try to open a project and cancel the original state of qmos is now properly preserved, instead of closing all open files/settings. The grid tool's handling of the 180 longitude domain has been improved: the longitude extents sometimes failed to cross the 0 boundary and the longitude extent sliders were in 0-360 still, instead of -180 to 180.
Ian Humphrey2015-10-07 Updated icons. Fixes #1041.