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Create the Line Scanner Sensor section of a SOCET Set Line Scanner support file

Overview Parameters


This is an ISIS to SOCET Set (trademark BAE Systems) translation program for Line Scanner images. It calculates keyword values specific to SOCET Set's USGSAstro Line Scanner sensor model and generates the USGSAstro Line Scanner section of a SOCET Set Support file for input to the USGSAstro SOCET Set program 'import_pushbroom.'

With the exception of HiRISE jitter corrected images, the input cube must be a "level 1" image with SPICE data attached to the label (see spiceinit). HiRISE jitter corrected images (see hijitter) do not have Spacecraft Position Kernel (SPK) data attached to the label, so these are handled as a special case in the program.

The following are supported instruments and derived products:
       MRO-HiRISE IDEAL (i.e., noproj'ed images)
       MRO-HiRISE IDEAL Jitter Corrected (i.e., hijitter'ed images)



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E. Howington-Kraus2008-10-23 Original version
K. Edmundson2011-05-13 Added NADIR_CENTER_TIME parameter
E. Howington-Kraus2011-08-04 Changed default NADIR_CENTER_TIME from None to 0.0
E. Howington-Kraus2012-04-26 Added MOUNT_ANG_TBL option
O. Thomas2012-08-23 Renamed program from calc_pushbroom_keywords to socetlinescankeywords, added quaternions, made changes from SOCET Set Generic Pushbroom sensor model to the USGSAsro Line Scanner sensor model, and removed the MOUNT_ANG_TBL option. Started modifications to meet ISIS coding standards.
E. Howington-Kraus2013-02-20 Completed modifications to meet ISIS coding standards for formal installation into ISIS. Added support for HiRISE jitter-corrected images created at U of A. Added check for needed SPICE data (blobs) attached to the cube label. Renamed parameter PUSHKEY to TO. Temporarily removed support for MEX-HSRC and MGS-MOC sensors until they are tested and working under the SOCET Set USGSAstro Line Scanner sensor model. References #1490.
E. Howington-Kraus2013-06-21 Modified to (1) generate ephemeris points and quaternions at a closer time interval if the spacing of the attached SPICE data are too sparse for the SOCET Set USGSAstro Line Scanner sensor model; (2) increase the precision of the output SOCET Set keyword values; (3) redefine the pixel-location of the input image's center ephemeris time, and (4) compute spacecraft velocity values instead of using SPICE velocity data blobs. Fixes #1672.
Jesse Mapel2018-03-23 Added SEMI_MAJOR_AXIS and ECCENTRICITY to the output. Fixes #5362.

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Filename of a cube
TOSOCET Set Support file keywords

Files: FROM


Level 1 Input Line Scanner cube with SPICE data attached. Supported instruments and derived products are MRO-HiRISE, MRO-HiRISE IDEAL, MRO-HiRISE IDEAL Jitter Corrected, MRO-CTX, LRO-NACL, and LRO-NACR.

Type cube
File Mode input
Filter *.cub
Close Window

Files: TO


Output text file of the SOCET Set USGSAstro Line Scaner section of a SOCET Set support file. This output file is one of the input files to USGSAstro SOCET Set program 'import_pushbroom.'

Type filename
File Mode output
Internal Default None
Close Window