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Puts a sub-cube back into its parent cube

Overview Parameters Example 1


This program reverses the effect of crop. That is, it puts a cropped cube back into a parent cube. The sub- or child- cube must have an AlphaCube label. Note: The filename and size of the parent cube is not checked for correctness.



Stuart Sides2003-04-19 Original version
Stuart Sides2003-05-01 Changed category from Utility to Trim and Mask
Stuart Sides2003-05-16 Modified schema location from astogeology... to isis.astrogeology..."
Stuart Sides2003-07-29 Modified filename parameters to be cube parameters where necessary
Jeff Anderson2004-02-16 Replaced extraction group with AlphaCube group
Brendan George2006-09-28 Documentation fixes
Sharmila Prasad2011-01-20 Updated for changes in ProcessMosaic
Steven Lambright2012-05-01 Updated documentation; fixes #458
JP Bonn2017-02-24 Added example in documentation

Parameter Groups


Name Description
FROM Child cube
PARENT Parent output cube

Combine options

Name Description
COMBINEHow to combine the crop and parent pixels

Files: FROM


The sub-cube, possibly created by crop. This cube must contain a valid AlphaCube label.

Type cube
File Mode input
Filter *.cub
Close Window



The output cube, an existing filename is required. The filename can be the original file from which the cropped image was extracted, or it could be a new file created with makecube based on the dimensions found in the AlphaCube label of the cropped image.

Type cube
File Mode output
Filter *.cub
Close Window

Combine options: COMBINE


This parameter is used to select one of two ways to combine the crop and parent pixels in areas of overlap.

Type string
Default CROP
Option List:
Option Brief Description
CROP Input cube takes priority When the input pixel is not NULL, the input pixel value will be written to the output cube. Otherwise the output is unchanged.
PARENT Parent cube takes priority When the parent pixel is not NULL, the parent pixel value will be left unchanged. If the parent pixel is NULL, the cropped pixel will be written to the output cube.
Close Window

Example 1

Insert a sub-cube into a parent cube


Insert a cube of 200 samples by 300 lines into a parent cube.

Command Line

uncrop FROM=crop.cub PARENT=pcrp.cub COMBINE=CROP
In this example, uncrop will insert a 200x300 sub-area into the parent cube.

GUI Screenshot

Uncrop GUI

Example GUI

This is a screenshot of uncrop. The GUI shows the parameters filled to insert a 200x300 pixel sub-area into the parent image.

Input Images

Input image

Parent image

Parameter Name: PARENT

This is the full size input image. The area (200x300) to be "uncropped" is grey.

Sub-cube image

Sub-cube image

Parameter Name: FROM

This is the sub-cube to be inserted into the parent image.

Output Image

Parent with inserted sub-cube.

Parent with inserted sub-cube

Parameter Name: PARENT

This is the parent image with the sub-cube inserted using the "crop" combine mode.