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This page contains all of the software errors or "bugs" known to exist in the ISIS system. If the problem you are having is not listed here, or for a more comprehensive and up to date list of bugs, feel free to visit the Isis Support Center (URL: You can report new problems at the same site.
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Program: All programs that use the SFROM parameter
Bug: Programs with the SFROM parameter will fail when certain numbers are used as sample/line/band increment values. The problem occurs because the digits after the decimal point in an increment are erroneously required to form a number that is less than the number of samples/lines/bands in the cube. For example, if a cube has 200 samples and 200 lines, then SFROM="(1.333):(1.333)" will fail because 333 is greater than 200. However, SFROM="(1.33):(1.33)" will work OK.

Program: cv and other IDL display programs
Bug: Some of the IDL display programs will fail if another program is running and it has allocated most, but not all, of the color cells in the public colormap. The IDL program will then attempt to run using the remaining color cells that are available in the public colormap. If the number of color cells is too small, the program might fail with the error message
"Subscript range values must be >= 0, < size: T." This problem typically occurs when the Netscape or exmh program is running. To avoid this, exit from the Netscape and/or exmh program and restart IDL.

Program: cv
Bug: For those using IDL Version 5.4 - A problem that has exisited since the implementation of IDL 5.2 still present in this version of IDL. The problem occurrs when executing the "cv" display program and is present when executing on all three platforms (Solaris, Alpha, Linux). However, the problem occurs when using some window managers and does not occur when using other window managers.

The problems occur when using the following window managers: Solaris OpenWindows, Linux KDE, and Linux Olwm (OpenLook). The main problem is that dragging a copy of a data plot from one plot window to another does not work correctly. Also, default positioning of the windows on the screen does not work correctly in some situations.

Things seem to more-or-less work correctly when using Solaris Common Desktop Environment (CDE) and Linux Fvwm window managers. When you first connect to a Solaris machine, you can select CDE with the Options|Session|Common Desktop Environment (CDE) button on the window where it is asking for your user name.

This bug has been reported to the IDL developers and will hopefully be fixed in a future IDL release.

Note that when using the Solaris window managers with IDL, you should use OpenWindows if you are running "tvtie", but you should use CDE if you are running "cv".

Program: make_startup script on the August 15th, 2000 ISIS release CD-ROMs
Bug: ATTENTION ISIS BOURNE/BASH/KORN SHELL USERS: We have discovered a bug in our make_startup script that was distributed with our latest ISIS release dated Aug 15th, 2000. The bug will affect you if you are trying to run ISIS on a platform using a Bourne/Bash/Korn shell.

To correct the problem follow these steps during installation:

  1. complete the first 7 installation steps described in the isis_installation.guide_000815 file on the ISIS release CD-ROM
  2. run the make_startup script listed in step 8, but DO NOT insert the results in your .profile file
  3. open the isis_profile file in you favorite text editor
  4. on line 10 change ". $ISISR/sys/csh/isispgmdef" to ". $ISISR/sys/sh/isispgmdef and close the file
  5. now place the isis_profile contents in your .profile file
  6. continue on with the remaining ISIS installation steps

If you experience any further problems using the installation scripts, please contract us at the isis-support email address at the bottom of the page.

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