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ISIS 3.3.0 RELEASE 2011/10/11
« on: October 11, 2011, 05:27:35 PM »
ISIS 3.3.0 RELEASE <Date: 2011/10/11>
A new version of Isis 3 is now available. For download and installation information please see the ISIS 3 Installation Guide:

Note: We have a new rsync server with much higher bandwidth capabilities. Please see the installation guide above for the new server name.

Note: Many improvements have been made throughout ISIS. Although we have made every effort to keep ISIS files backward compatible, ISIS does not attempt to be forwards compatible. In other words: once you have created any ISIS file in  3.3.0, please do not attempt to use that file in an older version. Please consider keeping your older version around until you have throughly tested 3.3.0.

Release Information:
  There are a large number of changes since the November 2010 release of 3.2.1.
    The control network suite of software has been updated completely
    Many of the application parameter names have been changed for standardization purposes
    SPICE data within a cube is handled differently, You may want to rerun spiceinit to take advantage of this
    A service for attaching SPICE data to a cube without the need to download most of the SPICE kernels is now available
    The supported operating system distributions and versions has changed significantly

To view the full release notes, click on the following link:

To view parameter name and default changes, use this link:

If you are only interested in processing specific instrument data, and/or are restricted as to the amount of space you have available for ISIS and its ancillary data, then you can choose to only install the base and mission specific data areas.
To do this see the installation guide mentioned above.

If you have a multi-OS environment, it is possible, and recommended, that you set it up so all versions share the same data area. To do this, simply set the environment variable "ISIS3DATA" to the equivalent of
"$ISISROOT/../data" *after* sourcing the ISIS3 startup file.
Previous Version: ISIS 3.2.1 with pathches
Current Version : ISIS 3.3.3

The ISIS Management Team