Author Topic: Strange results processing Marci images. (Open - M2220)  (Read 1690 times)


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Strange results processing Marci images. (Open - M2220)
« on: January 21, 2015, 11:13:21 AM »
I recently installed the latest Isis3 version about a week ago. Both the program and Data folder are up to date as of yesterday. Version of the program. I'm using the REHL 6 version on openSuse 13.2. I was told that this version worked on openSuse 13.2.

Anyhow, processing Marci images are giving me marci flip issues. Here is an example of a script and file that showed the problem.

Code: [Select]
. $ISISROOT/scripts/
cd /home/cartrite/mro-data/marci
marci2isis flip=yes from=D22_035663_0985_MA_00N128W.IMG to=D22_035663_0985_MA_00N128W.cub
spiceinit from=D22_035663_0985_MA_00N128W.odd.cub
spiceinit from=D22_035663_0985_MA_00N128W.even.cub
marcical from=D22_035663_0985_MA_00N128W.odd.cub
marcical from=D22_035663_0985_MA_00N128W.even.cub
crop to=D22_035663_0985_MA_00N128W.even.crop.cub line=11000 nlines=5000 sample=160 nsamples=650
crop to=D22_035663_0985_MA_00N128W.odd.crop.cub line=11000 nlines=5000 sample=160 nsamples=650
cam2map from=D22_035663_0985_MA_00N128W.odd.crop.cub map=/home/cartrite/Isis3/data/base/templates/maps/
cam2map from=D22_035663_0985_MA_00N128W.even.crop.cub map=/home/cartrite/Isis3/data/base/templates/maps/
ls *.map.cub > auto.txt
automos fromlist=auto.txt mosaic=test.cub
explode from=test.cub to=test1.cub
isis2std mode=rgb red=test1.cub.band0004.cub green=test1.cub.band0002.cub blue=test1.cub.band0001.cub to=test.png

This script actually worked perfectly. If I used line=12000 it also worked perfectly. But if I used line= 11500, the data was scrambled. I had to turn flip=no when running marci2isis. But that changed the location of the image. So it became a game of cat and mouse. Finding the right crop parameters for the flip used. It seems weird that 11000 and 12000 would work but not 11500.

At first, I used marci2isis with default settings until I ran into an image that needed to be flipped contrary to the auto flip. The one mentioned above was not the only image that did this.
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Re: Strange results processing Marci images.
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2015, 08:43:05 AM »
Hello, Cartrite!

I was able to reproduce this problem. It looks like we have an issue with cam2map and MARCI data, though what that issue is is not yet clear. I will place this into our issue tracking system for further analysis.


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Re: Strange results processing Marci images. (Open - M2220)
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2015, 03:59:52 PM »
Just an FYI...
A separate reported issue helped us discover that ISIS3 requires a significant fix in order to incorporate specific metadata for Marci images to correctly support the camera.   We do not have a timeline on accomplishing the fix at this time.