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« on: May 11, 2016, 01:45:23 PM »
I trying to import NIMS images using gllnims2isis. The main issue I'm trying to figure out, is how to add the camera pointing information to the image. The suffix data contains the back planes, and I'm looking for a command that can add these back into the image.  So, far the closest I've found is phocube, but it appears to only be for extracting backplanes.

These are what I think each band contains in the NIMS suffix image, based on what I see with the Isis2 NIMS images:

band1: lat
band2: lon
band3: incidence angle
band4: emission angle
band5: phase angle
band6: slant distance
band7: intercept altitude
band8: phase angle std dev
band9: spectral radiance std dev


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Re: gllnims2isis
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2016, 10:36:33 AM »

We are developing methods and techniques to make use of the NIMS data in ISIS. We currently support (some) tubes and g-cubes. The gllnims2isis application can be used to ingest the PDS NIMS archived g-cubes creating a multi-band core cube and a suffix cube that contains the band suffix images you mentioned in your post.

Once you have the NIMS data in ISIS3, you should use nocam2map to reproject the data to whatever projection you need. Note, however, that latitude and longitude coordinates must exist in the upper left and lower right of the respective suffix images to compute the input resolution of the NIMS data. And many of the NIMS observations are flybys which may not have these values defined. In that case, you must specify the resolution in nocam2map.

Processing several of the g-cubes in this manner can then be combined into a mosaic using automos.

Here is an example of the processing for an Io NIMS observation:
Code: [Select]
gllnims2isis from=/PDS_Archive/Galileo/NIMS/go_1120/io/31i005ci.qub to=31i005ci.qub.cub suffix=31i005ci.qub_sfx.cub
nocam2map from=31i005ci.qub.cub latcube=31i005ci.qub_sfx.cub+1 loncube=31i005ci.qub_sfx.cub+2 londir=PositiveWest to=31i005ci_equi.cub pixres=map

Here is the file used for nocam2map:
Code: [Select]
  Group = Mapping
    ProjectionName       = Equirectangular
    CenterLongitude      = 180.0
    TargetName           = Io
    EquatorialRadius     = 1821460.0
    PolarRadius          = 1821460.0
    LatitudeType         = Planetocentric
    LongitudeDirection   = PositiveWest
    LongitudeDomain      = 360
    MinimumLatitude      = -90.0
    MaximumLatitude      = 90.0
    MinimumLongitude     = 0.0
    MaximumLongitude     = 360.00
    PixelResolution      = 1000.0  <meters/pixel>
    CenterLatitude       = 0.0

We have plans to start a NIMS wiki sometime soon on our ISIS Issue Tracking System website where progress, discussion and issues can be found.

You also should start a ticket there since this site is going readonly soon and will be replaced with the Issue Tracker site.

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