Author Topic: SOCET SET cubes to JP2/IMG and labels  (Read 2358 times)


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SOCET SET cubes to JP2/IMG and labels
« on: October 28, 2015, 03:26:04 AM »
Hi all
I have a DTM and a couple of ortho images I've produced with SOCET SET some time ago and I would like to have more "ENVI-friendly" kind of data (seems ENVI has hard time dealing with projection infos). So I would like to convert my output (both DTM and orthos) as they are in the HiRISE websites (e.g. I also need the *.LBL for the orthos so ENVI can read the right projection infos with the HiRISE toolkit. Is there a way to deal with that in ISIS (I don't have SOCET SET here)? Maybe there's a script or something like that.
My data are in the following format:

DTM: arabia_meridiani_onepassAfterNGATE_1m.cub
ortho: ESP_033456_1830_RED_DEJITTERED_25cm_o.cub

Thank you in advance


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Re: SOCET SET cubes to JP2/IMG and labels
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2015, 08:27:36 AM »
I would first try GeoTiff and then as a fall-back a raw ENVI header. Projection support has always been a little wonky in IDL/ENVI. The "new" ENVI should actually work better since they switched their projection engine.

So to convert these to GeoTiff try GDAL tools. Tips:

% gdal_translate  arabia_meridiani_onepassAfterNGATE_1m.cub arabia_meridiani_onepassAfterNGATE_1m.tif
% gdal_translate ESP_033456_1830_RED_DEJITTERED_25cm_o.cub ESP_033456_1830_RED_DEJITTERED_25cm_o.tif

for a potential faster GeoTiff you can try a little compression and tiles. Can be helpful for larger files.

% gdal_translate -co compress=lzw -co tiled=yes ESP_033456_1830_RED_DEJITTERED_25cm_o.cub ESP_033456_1830_RED_DEJITTERED_25cm_o.tif

---- for ENVI raw with headers try:
% gdal_translate -of ENVI arabia_meridiani_onepassAfterNGATE_1m.cub arabia_meridiani_onepassAfterNGATE_1m.raw
% gdal_translate -of ENVI ESP_033456_1830_RED_DEJITTERED_25cm_o.cub ESP_033456_1830_RED_DEJITTERED_25cm_o.raw
--both created files will also have an ENVI "hdr" next to it which describes the image size and type. Newer versions of GDAL try to push the projection but whether IDL would pick that up is unknown.

good luck.


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Re: SOCET SET cubes to JP2/IMG and labels
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2015, 08:20:58 AM »
Hi Trent
I've converted my data to geotiffs using gdal and imported into ENVI. Everything is ok for the ortho while for the DTM ENVI is missing the datum info (really awkward).
So I addressed the issue by gdalling everything into ENVI raws. Now ENVI seems to read the projection infos correctly from both ortho and DTM.
Thank you very much