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[edit] Welcome to the Isis Workshop

The Isis Workshop is a collection of tutorials designed to lead students from learning the basics to developing advanced skills in image processing with ISIS3. Many of the tutorials have interactive exercises where you can visualize what is being described, and some have links to data you can download and practice using in ISIS3. Select a lesson below to start learning Isis.

[edit] Note

  • ISIS3 is scheduled for regular public releases, please be aware that some of the contents of this workshop might not be consistent with the most recent public release version.
  • The most obvious inconsistencies would be parameter names and parameter defaults.
  • As resources allow, we will make our best effort to update the lessons accordingly, the basics and workflow of the lessons will hopefully remain helpful.

[edit] Fundamentals

Introduction to Isis: Basic introduction to Isis, its interfaces, display
Locating and Ingesting Image Data: Overview of finding image data and importing it into Isis
Isis Cube Format: Understanding the Isis image cube format
Understanding Bit Types: Introduction to image data bit types
Core Base and Multiplier: Understanding core base and multiplier Isis cube attributes
Special Pixels: Understanding what special pixels are and how they are used in Isis

[edit] General Image Processing

The Power of Spatial Filters: Introduction to spatial filters
Removing Striping Noise from Image Data: General destriping procedure
General Utility: Apply arithmetic operations with fx application  (New!)

[edit] Cartography

SPICE: Spacecraft & Planetary ephemerides, Instrument C-matrix and Event kernels
Camera_Geometry: Isis applications with access to image geometry
Learning About Map Projections: Understanding the types of Projections supported by Isis

[edit] Advanced

Image Registration: Overview
Automatic Registration: Pattern Matching
Autoseed: Automatic seeding of tiepoints  (Updated)
Multi-Instrument Registration: Merging multiple mission data

[edit] Mission Specific Isis3 Processing

 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO): 
    -HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) (Updated! New Lesson on Geometric Control)
    -CTX (Context Camera)
 Mars Global Surveyor (MGS): 
    -MOC (Mars Orbiter Camera)
 Mars Viking Orbiter Mission: 
    -Narrow and Wide Angle Camera
 Cassini-Huygens Mission: 
    -ISS (Imaging Science SubSystem) 
    -RADAR (Imaging, Altimeter, Scatterometer, Radiometer)   (Updated)
    -VIMS (Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer)

[edit] Hands-On Workshop and Demonstration Material

[edit] Planetary Data Workshop June 25-29, 2012

- Cassini Workshop
- Demonstrations of ISIS3 Interactive Tools

[edit] Programming in Isis

Exercises 1: Tasks to get familiar with basic Isis programming
Exercises 2: More advanced exercises to practice more
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