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Isis::PolygonSeederFactory Class Reference

This class is used to create PolygonSeeder objects. More...

#include <PolygonSeederFactory.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static PolygonSeederCreate (Pvl &pvl)
 Create a PolygonSeeder object using a PVL specification. More...

Detailed Description

This class is used to create PolygonSeeder objects.

Applications which use autoseeding of points in polygons can use different techniques such as Grid or ????. If this factory is given a Pvl object which contains a PolygonSeeder definition it will create that specific instance of the class. For example,

* Object = PolygonSeeder
* Group = Algorithm
* Name = Grid
* ...
* EndGroup
* ...
* EndObject
* End

Will create a GridPolygonSeeder object (which is derived from PolygonSeeder). The simplest way to create an PolygonSeeder class is to use the static Create method

* Pvl p("myPolygonSeeder.pvl");
* PolygonSeeder *ps = PolygonSeederFactory::Create(p);
2006-01-20 Stuart Sides

Member Function Documentation

PolygonSeeder * Isis::PolygonSeederFactory::Create ( Pvl pvl)

Create a PolygonSeeder object using a PVL specification.

An example of the PVL required for this is:

* Object = AutoSeed
* Group = PolygonSeederAlgorithm
* Name = Grid
* Tolerance = 0.7
* EndGroup
* Group = InterestOperatorAlgorithm
* Name = StandardDeviation
* Tolerance = 10
* EndGroup
* EndObject
pvlThe pvl object containing the PolygonSeeder specification

References Isis::FileName::fileExists(), Isis::PvlObject::findGroup(), Isis::Plugin::GetPlugin(), Isis::Pvl::read(), and Isis::PvlObject::Traverse.

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