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ISIS has been a staple for the cartographic and scientific analysis of planetary image data since 1992 with a heritage reaching back to 1971. Contributors from the USGS and other institutions have been involved in the design and development of ISIS during the course of its evolution. These include scientists, programmers, image processors, and students. Below are the names of those who have contributed to ISIS:

Current USGS Astrogeology Contributors

Brent Archinal Jeannie Walldren-Backer Tammy Becker Kristin Berry
Christopher Ryan Combs Debbie Cook Kenneth Edmundson Robin Fergason
Lisa Gaddis Paul Geissler Adam Goins Trent Hare
Ken Herkenhoff Ian Humphrey Chris Isbell Laszlo Keszthelyi
Randy Kirk Jesse Mapel Moses Milazzo Cole Neubauer
Adam Paquette Bonnie Redding Janet Richie Kelvin Rodriguez
Makayla Shepherd Jac Shinaman Stuart Sides Larry Soderblom
Summer Stapleton Robert Sucharski Tracie Sucharski Tim Titus
Lynn Weller Kaj Williams Tyler Wilson

Former Astrogeology and other USGS Contributors

Alex Acosta Travis Addair James Alexander Stacey Alley
James Anderson Jeff Anderson Christopher Austin Janet Barrett
Joni Bauers Kris Becker Glenn Bennett John Bonn
MacKenzie Boyd Sasha Brownsberger Pat Chavez Way Christensen
Jim Crawforth Sean Crosby Norm Cushing Leah Dahmer
Jacob Danton Drew Davidson Phil Davis Kay Edwards
Mathew Eis Eric Eliason Patrica Eliason Brendan George
Verna Gregg Marjorie Hahn Rae Harvey Noah Hilt
Annie Howington-Kraus Eric Hyer Jeff Johnson Tom Kelleher
Hugh Kieffer Steven Koechle Steven Lambright Ella Lee
Brian Lipkowitz Mike Martin Phillip Martinez Jim Mathews
Jason Mawhinney Alfred McEwen Dennis McMacken David Miller
Elizabeth Miller-Ribelin Kimberly Oyama Wendy Parker Sharmila Prasad
Jai Rideout Mark Robinson Curtis Rose Ra'ad Saleh
Bill Scott Kim Sides Deborah Lee Soltesz Jim Stapleton
Andrew Stebenne Driss Takir Orrin Thomas Teal Thompson
Jim Torson Robert Wallace Aaron Young

Non-USGS Contributors

Don Anderson, ASU Bob Dean, JPL
Pierre Drossary, Observatoire de Paris Roger Clark, USGS
Paul Jensen, University of Colorado Mike Jones, University of Colorado
Lucas Kamp, Oxford University Ralph Lewis, University of Hawaii
Adam Licht, ASU John Lindelow, University of Hawaii
Julianna Lo, University of Hawaii Bob Mehlman, UCLA
Victor Silva, ASU Bill Smythe, JPL

Are we missing an ISIS contributor?

There are undoubtedly individuals that we failed to acknowledge for their contributions to this image processing system. Their exclusion was not intentional or deliberate, and we apologize for any oversight. Please feel free to contact us by email and include your name as you would like it to appear in the credits.

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