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From 2017-12-04 to 2018-01-02


01:16 PM ISIS Bug #5223: M3 default kernels need to be removed from the data area
The newest kernels from spkwriter and ckwriter do not cover the bottom of the last line for 86 M3 images. This is pr... Stuart Sides


01:18 PM ISIS Feature #1237: New Tool: Update Serial Numbers in Existing Control Networks
On hold until a good solution is found Stuart Sides
01:14 PM ISIS Feature #4789: Compare duration test data for nightly builds
Removed from 3.5.2. Hold until github transition is very stable and replan Stuart Sides


07:12 AM ISIS Documentation #5263 (Closed): Preference setup is hard to find
The Environment and Preference Setup document is not easy to find.
Stuart Sides
07:09 AM ISIS Bug #5145: ISIS3 preferences not where the error message says itis
Current message:
~~~ text
*USER ERROR** The cube you are attempting to create [tttt] is [14GB]. This is larger th...
Stuart Sides


06:59 AM ISIS Recommendation #4882 (Rejected): Need versioning of truth data and association with code version.
The truth data is versioned by date in the backup system. Keeping another version would duplicate this existing system. Stuart Sides
06:50 AM ISIS Bug #5237 (Closed): ROSOSIRIS2ISIS only imports small part of the attached PDS label
No author response Stuart Sides


01:23 PM ISIS Bug #5163 (Assigned): There is a seg fault when Spice::getDouble is called and index is out of bo...
Stuart Sides


09:36 AM ISIS Bug #5250 (In Progress): seedgrid can not be interupted
The seedgrid program does not have a good progress, and therefore can not be interrupted with the red X on the GUI. M... Stuart Sides

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