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From 2018-01-18 to 2018-02-16


04:15 PM ISIS Feature #4100 (Assigned): A different formula for calculating the detector resolution for the Cam...
Stuart Sides
04:10 PM ISIS Bug #5187 (Assigned): shadow program creates output with all LRS pixels
The last sentence in the description above is correct. This should fix the problem. Stuart Sides
03:49 PM ISIS Question #5322: qview error
We can't reproduce this problem. I suspect it has to do with your Ubuntu 17 having an incompatible version o...
Stuart Sides


04:13 PM ISIS Bug #4923 (Closed): fits2isis app tests do not compare labels
Stuart Sides
04:09 PM ISIS Bug #1667 (Feedback): isis2std no longer appears to support GIF type exports
I still see GIF as an option.
I can't see the documentation.
Stuart Sides
06:46 PM ISIS Question #5330 (Assigned): installation
Stuart Sides
05:22 PM ISIS Bug #5299: qview can't find cocoa (hot or cold)
To reply to this issue, make sure you are signed in (upper right corner) then click the "edit" button, add you...
Stuart Sides


11:55 AM ISIS Question #5162 (Closed): 3.4.13 available for download?
Stuart Sides
11:54 AM ISIS Question #5322 (Assigned): qview error
Hi Galvin,
The current public release of ISIS supports Ubuntu 14 LTS. Your 17 is a lot newer. We are working on the ...
Stuart Sides


08:57 PM ISIS Question #5312: New User Cannot get software to run
Hi Leah,
If you have it working please set the status of this ticket to "Closed".
If you have other questions ple...
Stuart Sides


07:28 AM ISIS Bug #5313 (Acknowledged): startup scripts should not reference local drives
The csh and sh startup scripts reference drives they should not. These should be completely generic (i.e., not usgs s... Stuart Sides
06:57 AM ISIS Question #5312 (Resolved): New User Cannot get software to run
Hi Leah,
It looks like the start up script did not modify the environment for the shell running in your terminal win...
Stuart Sides


01:55 PM ISIS Feature #703 (Assigned): ddd2isis does not support 24-bit images
Stuart Sides
01:52 PM ISIS Bug #1667 (Assigned): isis2std no longer appears to support GIF type exports
Stuart Sides
01:49 PM ISIS Documentation #5241 (Assigned): Update Learning About Map Projections page to include all support...
Stuart Sides


11:20 AM ISIS Bug #5306 (Acknowledged): code coverage for full build appears to be not working
Stuart Sides


08:20 AM ISIS Bug #5299 (In Progress): qview can't find cocoa (hot or cold)
Hi Paul,
Can you send me the contents of your $ISISROOT/version file please?
Stuart Sides


08:16 AM ISIS Bug #5223: M3 default kernels need to be removed from the data area
Those three are more than a minute off. That is too far out to call it a rounding problem. I'll track it down. Stuart Sides


12:36 PM ISIS Bug #5284 (Assigned): MiniRF unitTest is failing
Stuart Sides
09:55 AM ISIS Bug #4089 (Closed): getsn contains unreachable code
Stuart Sides

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