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mat2cnet - Need general Isis2 label translator for Isis3 translator

Added by Tammy Becker about 8 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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I am attempting to convert an Isis2 qmatch file to an Isis3astro or Isis3nightly net file (same incorrect output results). Can someone be assigned and contact me so that I can demonstrate the problem.

Thank you!

Steps to reproduce:

I attempted to run the conversion on astrovm1 (isis3astro and isis3nightly)..the programs runs; but the output is incorrect and has not been converted correctly based on the Isis2 qmatch file.

Secondly, because the effort is dealing with Isis2 files, I transferred my files to horace and ran under isis3astro and isis3nightly. This resulted in the same incorrect output.

Additional information:

Based on the urgent nature, I have posted this on the internal isis3-support-board also.


#1 Updated by Tammy Becker about 8 years ago

Thank you for the quick response to this issue. Turns out the image file lists for Isis2 and Isis3 have to be in corresponding order (meaning; ordered by the exact internal PDS-label-keyword -image number). If your filenames between the two systems are completely different, as in this case, that causes the order of the images to be different (depending on how you build your lists)..the mat2cnet application does not know how to check for the image number on the labeles between the two versions and will simply match Isis2-imageline1 to Isis3-imageline1 regardless whether or not they are the same image.

The minimum request to the developers is to add to the existing documentation a more explicit explanation (or example) for such a dominant requirement; the two inputs list are required to be directly correspondant to each other by image observation (they gotta be the same image).

#2 Updated by Tammy Becker about 8 years ago

Just to be clear, the quick response was verbal, not through this post.

After sorting my images between the two lists (by image number), mat2cnet seems to have worked. Unfortunately, the output is still very confusing. The output Isis3-cnet-file has a serial number that is not related to the Image Number (or obviously the filename) would be helpful to the user if the mat2cnet application reported to the print.prt or log file the common information between the isis2 image and the isis3 image. For example:

The Isis2 Image Number:
horace% grep -a -m1 IMAGE_NUMBER T3_T8/T3_new8624sum2.cub
IMAGE_NUMBER = "1487118624"

The Isis3 Image Number:
horace% grep -a -m1 ImageNumber /farm/sci10/ISS/Isis3/
ImageNumber = 1487118624

The only information in the cnet file is the Serial Number.

horace% getsn from=/farm/sci10/ISS/Isis3/

[turns out the SN is based on spacecraft clock count from the labels]..I did eventually find this value on the Isis2 image under the ORIGINAL_SPACECRAFT_CLOCK_START_COUN.

Bottom line, it's just a little confusing....a log with the Image Numbers for confirmation of correlation between the two input lists would be helpful.

Thank you.

#3 Updated by Tammy Becker about 8 years ago

Action Item for Tammy: Evaluate keywords for as many missions possible to find the most common isis2/isis3

#4 Updated by Tammy Becker about 8 years ago

Changed block to minor....the issue is no longer 'blocking' progress

#5 Updated by Tammy Becker over 7 years ago

Tammy to revisit where we left off on this issue

#6 Updated by Tammy Becker over 7 years ago

Tammmy needs to evaluate PDS labels for a pattern to follow in order to predict an Isis2 translation to Isis3-SerialNumber

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Should this ticket go back in the unassigned queue??

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