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hical does not work when spiceinit was used with the web option

Added by Tammy Becker almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Having used the MRO download version with excluding kernels, hical fails on me, requiring a sclk kernel file:

hical from=ESP_015917_2650_RED0_0.cub
USER ERROR Failed in GainUnitConversion module.
ERROR No existing files found with a numerial version matching [MRO_SCLKSCET.Huh??.65536.tsc] in [/Users/maye/isis3/isis/../data/mro/kernels/sclk].


Message #2:
Could a rsync hero please provide me with the correct rsync command line to download the sclk kernels so that hical can be used?

Obviously, the real fix would be to implement web=true functionality into hical as well.

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#1 Updated by Tammy Becker almost 7 years ago

Stuart will be responding to this on the external board. Isis-Support will pay for the short response.

The request is related to a bigger issue that has been recognized internally will all radiometric calibration applications.

#2 Updated by Stuart Sides almost 7 years ago

The following post has been added to the external board.


The radiometric calibration programs within ISIS (hical is one of these) currently have a dependency on some of the NAIF SPICE files. These have been identified, but have not been fixed. The SPICE service will not work for these at this time. hical is explicitly trying to use SPICE files. Providing the sclk file will not allow the program, it is just the first of several missing files. Unfortunately, the only way you can run hical is by downloading the MRO kernels. We hope to fix this issue, but it has not been scheduled yet.

#3 Updated by Stuart Sides almost 7 years ago

The external reporter should be able to move forward, but until the related issue #1046 is fixed, calibration programs will require the kernels from the data area thus reducing the usefulness of the spice server.

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