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Tool for Mapping Group Update

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Hello ISIS folks,

Here is my situation:
I have projected cubes but Minimun/maximun of Long & Lat are not present in the ISIS label. Everything else is present but not this. Qview can tell me where I am (in long/lat) when moving the cursor on the cube, so, ISIS knows the lon/lat of each pixel. I think having a tool in ISIS able to add automatically the min/max of long and lat might be neat. The main reason is that most GIS softwares (QGIS and ArcGIS for instance) can handle ISIS cubes as fas as min/max of long and lat are present in the label.

mappt is not a convenient option as the first/last pixels are not always at the min/max of the long/lat (depending on the projection).



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Tammy's note:

Sometimes the imported 'DEM's will not have the lat/lon ranges in the Mapping Group..there are isis apps that require this information.

Having something compute the lat/lon range and update the mapping group seems reasonable?

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Were your projected cubes imported into isis? or, did you project them within Isis? If they were imported, 'maplab' came to mind, but I don't think it will load the ranges onto the labels either. We have an application called 'editlab' where you can load the appropriate keywords into the 'Mapping' group of your labels, but that is not automatic. I also wonder if 'mapsize' would help you, though we don't use it internally as much as we used to. I might have more questions than you at this point....

There might be issues with the automatic just as you hint at based on the map projections, etc.

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