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New Tool: Update Serial Numbers in Existing Control Networks

Added by Lynn Weller over 5 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Although not frequent, on more than one occasion the serial number for images from active missions have changed over the course of the time. This is a problem when control networks have been built with images that have experience changes that affect the serial number. If the network isn't too big and if the number of images affected aren't many, the typical user is likely to convert the binary net to an ascii file and update it manually via their favorite editor or via an awk or perl script. But in the case of very large networks (say 37,000+ images and over 2 million measures), converting to ascii and modify via script or editor is prone to pilot error and is frankly cumbersome. We need a tool to take care of this issue that exists, albeit not on a daily basis.

Don't ask me who should pay for this....I have no clue. Any active mission that astro has built a control net for that has some sort of timing change after the fact may be affected. All I know is this is a tool we can use, hence the request.


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