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Add the latest GLD100 DEM for the Moon to ISIS

Added by Jeff Anderson over 5 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Will add some additional time to the download, but will not change how lunar images are processed.

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A new high resolution DEM combining LOLA at the poles and WAC stereo coverage at the equator has been requested to be added to ISIS for Lunar mission (Apollo, LRO, Clementine, etc).

This will not be the default DEM but can be selected in spiceinit.

LOLA_vs_MergeLOLA_Kaguya_vs_WacStereo.gif View (2.06 MB) Trent Hare, 2016-10-27 04:18 PM


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Changed from 'bug' to 'recommendation'.

#2 Updated by Jeff Anderson over 5 years ago

1) who has requested this new DEM?

ASU has asked that we make this the default. We certainly should discuss with others to see if this should be the default shapefile for the Moon. At a minimum Trent, Brent, Randy, Lisa

2) Should there be a strategic plan on when to make it a default for potential projects in the middle of using the current default?

Yes there should. Obviously internal and external users need to know about this change. A better DEM will improve geospatial results (orthorectification) so it is worthwhile for them to consider that in the their projects

3) What would the time estimate be to prepare it for a default, both the file and the software??

Should be < 2 hours. No software changes required.

4) Is this something that needs to be done in Q3 (by June public release)? Can it wait until Q4?

Would like to see it in the system for the Q3 release.

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We need the descriptive text of this DEM.

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Since I'm just starting to work with LROC data I thought I would take a look at this DTM.
I was able to run map2map on it successfull to pull a small chunk out and match my projected LROC data, however, when I attempted to run a test using it as a shape model for spiceinit it failed.

Data can be found here:/work/users/lweller/Isis3Tests/WACDTM/
Here's my command:
spiceinit from=M126827606LE.lev1.wacdtm_lola.cub attach=true spksmithed=true shape=user model=/archive/projects/TOPO/WACDTM_LOLA_NOV2013/WAC_GLD100_V1.1_GLOBAL_with_LOLA_30M_POLE_256ppd.cub

And here's the error message:
Error = "Shape model cube must be an Isis DEM file,
meaning it must be map-projected. This cube is
NOT map projected"

I don't know what this means, becasue it does have a mapping group (with an odd center longitude) and map2map found the group acceptable. It also looks like it has had demprep run on it some point (necessary to be recognized as a shape file in ISIS), so I'm not sure what the problem is.

I referred back to email to find this file (from Trent), so if there is a different version I should be testing, please let me know. Thanks.

#9 Updated by Jeff Anderson almost 5 years ago


I believe this is the file that will be added to the ISIS system. Please let me know if this works for you.


#10 Updated by Lynn Weller almost 5 years ago

/work/users/ssides/ASU/ASU_Lunar_DEM/WAC_GLD100_V1.0_LDEM_30M_POLE.cub produces the same error when I try to use it as the shape model via spiceinit.

#11 Updated by Stuart Sides over 4 years ago

Waiting for new version to be delivered. Kris will talk to Trent

#13 Updated by Trent Hare about 2 years ago

I would recommend closing this ticket and possibly opening a new ticket for an update to the existing LOLA DEM. For the WAC DEM, I have not heard of any progress on a new version and Goddard has released updates to the LOLA DEMs and an excellent (equatorial) DEM using Kaguya Terrain Camera DEMS (as registered to LOLA -- but only -60 to 60).

Attached is an animated gif of the differences.

Kaguya DEM (early 2015):
LOLA DEM (early 2014):


#14 Updated by Stuart Sides almost 2 years ago

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Rejected due to inactivity and there are other DEMs that should be considered in addition or instead of.

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