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Posted by Tammy Becker

There is not an obvious way to tell on the labels of an image that has had deltack 'successfully' been applied. The cathist will shows the command that was applied....would it be appropriate to update the Kernel-InstrumentPointingQuality=Csmithed ?? does Jigsaw do this? I do know that "jigged" is added to the labels, maybe in the blob area?? Maybe new 'Csmithed' keywords in the Kernel group and in the appropriate Table areas for InstrumentPointing and InstrumentPosition should be added 'only' when jigsaw and/or deltack are successful (update=true)??

Also, the documentation does not indicate what deltack will work on....frame camera is obvious (any frame camera?), what happens with line scan, push broom...and/or instruments like VIMS? CTX? etc.......

Thank you.


#1 Updated by Debbie Cook about 8 years ago

I will check with the proper authorities to see if the keyword "KernelInstrumentPointingQuality" is something that can be changed or if it is only for the original instrument pointing quality. I don't think all instruments have that keyword, so it may be specific to a mission. Currently jigsaw only adds the "jigged" comment to the labels in the blob area for a successful bundle adjustment. Are you seeing the comment on unsuccessful runs? Please let me know if this is the case.

The application deltack does not currently have any similar comment or notice to indicate the pointing has been updated. Once I get some clarification on the use of the keyword mentioned earlier, we can decide if you want the same or different comment or keyword setting for deltack corrected images as for those corrected by jigsaw.

deltack will run on any cubes jigsaw will run on for solving camera pointing. These would be the framing cameras and line scan cameras. I will be working on the deltack tests under isis3nightly soon, and I will add this to the documentation.

#2 Updated by Stuart Sides over 7 years ago

Can some of this be resolved? If so we can repost with what has not been.

#3 Updated by Tammy Becker over 7 years ago

Tammy will test to set the first part of this post to resolved.

The documentation issue needs to be a separate post related this this original as parent.

#4 Updated by Debbie Cook over 7 years ago

I did check with Stuart about using the KernelInstrumentPointingQuality keyword to report that the pointing has been jigged. He thought it would be okay to do so. I decided to not use that keyword at this time, because of the loss of information on the original pointing. I did make deltack consistent with jigsaw in that it now includes a comment with the pointing table indicating that the pointing has been "jigged".

The documentation was also updated to indicate that the application works on both framing and line scan cameras. A few other changes were made to the documentation when Brent reviewed it. Tammy are these documentation changes sufficient?

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Can this ticket be closed?

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