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cnetnewradii and ControlPoint Type

Added by Stuart Sides about 8 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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I have been building ground points with Qtie and applying cnetnewradii on the qtie-output file to update the radius value from one of the LOLA radius dem's


My qtie net files have the PointType = Tie. cnetnewradii fails miserably with the crazy error: User Error No valid radii can be calculated. Verify that the DEM "/missions...." is valid. Through Trial-n-Error, I discovered if I edit the net file and change the PointType=Ground, cnetnewradii works fine....

1) Can cnetnewradii be changed such that it will update either Tie and/or Grounds pointtypes...we use both tie and ground interchangeably depending on the version of jigsaw....we currently set our "ground" points to "Tie" when we use the constraint version of, one or the other or both types would be appropriate....default to ground?

2) maybe qtie in its current state should update the output type=Ground because that is all it's current function is for now.

A couple of test files exist in astrovm1:/work1/tbecker/ApolloMetric/AS15/GroundControl/WAC_Nets/AS15/IsisSupportTest/*.net

Thank you.

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We are trying to get the backlog of posts worked on now, this one included.

In your opinion, how much of this still needs to be looked at?


At a minimum, this type of issue should not be propagated to the new binary apps in isis3nightly. It's definitely not okay that cnetnewradii fails with application should force the user to 'trial-n-error' through a useless error message, at least tell the user what is required.

What cnetnewradii 'should do' with the new keywords/point-types needs to be evaluated carefully so that it will perform as needed and as expected.........

also, please keep in mind that this problem is in the public release of Isis and in is a known bug that's out there....the opinion of the public/community and other internal users should also be considered


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The status of this issue is unknown. The status need to be tracked down before attempting to work on a fix.

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Need original reporter to revaluate

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