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maplab - more doc or additional parameters

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maplab needs more documentation or the same parameters that are in maptemplate..
I recently struggled through loading mapping parameters on a level2 global map that
had originated outside of isis3. My success was finally reached thru trial and error:

1) it could be nice if the map parameter defaulted to the $isis3data/base/template
area as the other applications do

2) BUT! the system templates do not already contain the target body, radius,
desired longitude direction, etc. of your input file...causing problems later...

I would vote for map template parameters so that I don't have to edit a map file...but,
at a minimum, the user should be warned to prepare a fully loaded map template
(through maptemplate) that contains all the mapping and body information possible about the input file....this includes

-body radius
-lat/lon boundaries of the input map
-longitude direction

Why...because, mapmos fails miserably when it does not have the radius and, I don't
know if it's required in ISIS3, but in ISIS2..mosaic fails if the lat/lon boundaries are also not included (lev2lab does not allow the option to load these keywords and mosaic won't work..a separate isis-support issue)....

Also, for sample/ it 0.5? or 1.0? I entered 0.5 with a level of uncertainty...a recommendation for the upper left line/sample would be helpful...

Thank you.

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Looking into it.



Some documentation has been added. What else would make it clearer?

As far as the default location of the "map" file. I think you are correct in your "BUT" statement. Since the templates in the system do not have all the necessary information, it doesn't seem reasonable to make the ISIS data area be the default directory.



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