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qnet - Add a find point ID option

Added by Ella Lee over 3 years ago. Updated 14 days ago.

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It would be nice to have an option where you just find a pointid. This will be very helpful in finding the place you were at before you fixed a measure and saved it. The only option we have now is to filter a pointid. I put this under application, not sure if it should go under API.

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Related to ISIS - Bug #1958: qnet - debug statements going to shell Closed 2014-01-15


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As per discussion with Ella, this is a request for access to a history of edited points/measures. When a user sorts on residuals within qnet, selects a point that contains a high residual measure from the sorted list, edits ("fixes") the measure, saves the point - qnet resorts and reshuffles the list of sorted residuals points...the user then loses reference to the point they just finished editing.

This request is related to ticket #1958 in that the clutter of developer messages on the terminal screen for qnet that was reporting the points edited, Ella ended up using this as a that these messages have been removed under the 1958 ticket, we lost a 'feature' of point history.

#3 Updated by Moses Milazzo over 2 years ago

It's not clear to me if this is still relevant, but I'm going to include it in FY15Q3 just in case it can be fixed while also fixing #2210 and #2060.

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The ticket requests a "find point ID" option, however in the comments it's clarified that what's being requested is a history of edited points/measures.

I've added a tab to the cnet navigator that contains a running history of edits made to cnet.
Currently it's being updated every time you interact with a point, and records the point that's being interacted with.
The history items are currently just QLabels that contain information on what interaction was made.

I can make the labels behave as an interactable list (highlight on hover) and make it so that the user can right click to bring up a context menu and select a point from the history as well, but this would require subclassing a QLabel and creating a new class for this purpose.
I would like to make the QLabel's interactable so that the user can grab the point ID directly from the QLabel itself.

The history tab is created inside QnetNavTool for a proof of concept, however all of the other tabs in the nav tool are their own class so if this design is deemed appropriate then I will move the tab to it's own class and reference it as such.
The design for this history tab can be changed, or moved entirely (if we want the history displayed elsewhere and not as a tab in the navigator).

As far as the initial issue of finding a point ID, what parameters are we expecting to be able to find the point ID? currently there is a filter option (as mentioned) that filters a point ID, but if we're trying to locate the ID itself then I'm unsure of what parameters we'd use to find it.
Does the history tab serve that purpose by giving the ability to scroll through ID's by history? That's the impression I am under but if not please advise.

If the design is inappropriate or inefficient let me know and I can change it to whatever specs are appropriate.

Changes have been made to /work/projects/isis/latest/m02150/ and built on prog24 for user feedback and testing.

#11 Updated by Adam Goins 14 days ago

Tammy, I'm pinging you on this ticket because you spoke with Ella about it. I added you as a watcher.
Thank you.

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