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DEM - initializing with more than one DEM

Added by Ella (Contractor) Lee almost 8 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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We had problems with jigsaw finding a point on the surface earlier, and Stuart reminded me we could spiceinit our level1 files with two DEMs. This was so that if the program could not find the lat/lon/radius with the first DEm, it would drop to the second DEM. We tried using this method but the program still failed when we had the SOCET DEM listed first and then the LOLA global DEM. The program worked when we used the global LOLA DEM by itself, but failed when we used only the SOCET DEM.

Has the option of initializing with multiple DEM been implemented.


#1 Updated by Janet Barrett almost 8 years ago

I have the DEM layering capability working in an older version of isis3nightly. I will need to wrap the changes into the current isis3nightly. I had to modify spiceinit to allow for the layering capability. If you want to see the new version of spiceinit, then set your isis to /work/users/jbarrett/isis3demtest/isis
and run spiceinit. I will let you know as soon as I have the layering capability wrapped back into the latest isis3nightly.

#2 Updated by Tammy Becker almost 7 years ago

Based on what else is currently going on with other priorities and limited resources (developers), and, what is already on Janet Barret's plate to get done for the Aug release, this issue has been pushed to the Nov release for now.

Triage remains high due to the importance of this functionality.

#3 Updated by Tammy Becker over 6 years ago

Unassigned from Janet for now until resources are available. Triage will remain high due to importance.

#5 Updated by Anonymous almost 6 years ago

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