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Connecting to rysnc

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I'm running Mac OS 10.8 on virtualbox, upon launching the java-based installer, selecting default file locations etc, I'm greeted with the error message:
rsync error: error starting client-sever protocol (code5) at /sourceCache/rsync/rsync-42/rsync/main.c(1398) [reciever=2.6.9], have successfully downloaded several mission data packages but keep getting an error on step 1.
I've run both rsync and rsync in the command prompt and both bring up a list of available packages for download. Both the virtual pc firewall and the host pc firewalls are completely off.

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Our programmer who knows the installer is out this week so we will try another avenue. So it sounds like you have also tried the rsync command outside of the JAVA installer...? If not, are you willing to try the manual install method. Depending on your mission it will look something like this. from:

----------------------- manually installing ISIS ---------

We suggest you install ISIS 3 in a large data work area. Change your current working directory to where you want ISIS 3 installed and create a directory named isis3. The rsync commands in the next step will place all of ISIS and the SPICE kernels under this directory. Example:

$ mkdir isis3
$ cd isis3
Example for MacOSX 10.8 64-bit Intel compatible systems:
$ rsync -azv --delete --partial .
Note: this is a server in Phx so it shouldn't be blocked.
Now get lots of base data (DEMs, etc).
$ rsync -azv --delete --partial data/
Now pick your missions - example MRO CTX/HiRISE
$ rsync -azv --delete --partial --exclude='kernels' data/
example LRO
$ rsync -azv --delete --partial --exclude='kernels' data/

 for Bourne (bash) shells, edit your ~/.login and add


 for csh users edit your ~/.cshrc and add


To get ISIS running in your environment. This script assumes you installed the ISIS 3 data area in the same directory you installed the ISIS 3 package. If you did not do this, you will need to modify the script to indicate the proper location.

 for Bourne shells:

. $ISISROOT/scripts/

 for C shells:

source $ISISROOT/scripts/isis3Startup.csh

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The 3.5.0 release should have fixed your problem. Can you check and let us know how it goes?

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The installer problem was fixed in 3.5.0

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