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phoemplocal - Test and document

Added by Stuart Sides over 7 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Test and document phoemplocal for release

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Changed Target Version out to August for now (a more realistic target considering all that's on the Isis and developer plate right now)

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Related to ISIS 2 Ports - Feature #220: ISIS 2 applications to be ported to ISIS 3 Acknowledged


#1 Updated by Tammy Becker over 6 years ago

Once documentation for photomet and photemplate are complete, this will help test and document this app. Some additional documentation will be needed for the specific functionality.

Unassigned from janet for now; based on new funding and direction.

#2 Updated by Tammy Becker over 6 years ago

Ella will update the documentation to be consistent with the most recent photomet updates under the Q1-ISIS support.

#3 Updated by Ella (Contractor) Lee over 6 years ago

The updates to the documentation should not impact other programs.

#4 Updated by Ella (Contractor) Lee over 6 years ago

This section about the need for a new software was removed and added to mantis #875, because it needed to be documented in mantis instead of the program documentation.

This program should serve as a clear example for developing a new program
to fit the parameter of an empirical photometric function to part of an
actual image. The differences can be summarized as follows:

1) Fit is done only once (not in a table vs. phase angle)
since the input image has a fixed geometry.
2) The data to be fit to are obtained from an ISIS cube plane
rather than modeled in in the code.
3) Similarly, the incidence, emission, and phase angles are
obtained from backplanes of the same cube and maintained
in buffers corresponding point-for-point with the image.
4) Both image data and angles should be converted to double
precision before being used.
5) Optionally, a region-of-interest mask could be obtained
from a backplane and only those pixels in the ROI used
in the fit. This would be in addition to the incidence
and emission angle tests already done in the code.

Let me know if there is a strong desire to keep it in the documentation.

Ella Mae

#5 Updated by Ella (Contractor) Lee over 6 years ago

The documentation for phoemplocal has been updated. If you would like to review the documentation use the following:

firefox /work/projects/isis/latest/m00450/isis/src/base/apps/phoemplocal/phoemplocal.html

Also available in: Atom PDF