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shadowtau - Test and document

Added by Stuart Sides over 7 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Test and document shadowtau

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Related to ISIS - Recommendation #1285: shadowtau - test on HiRISE data Acknowledged
Related to ISIS 2 Ports - Feature #220: ISIS 2 applications to be ported to ISIS 3 Acknowledged


#1 Updated by Moses Milazzo over 7 years ago

This has been moved to the 3.4.0 release.

From Janet Barrett:
Sharmila has ported the software from ISIS2 to ISIS3, but there has been no time to get
it fully tested. I don't feel comfortable trying to rush it into the release without complete testing.
I would rather spend the time making sure that photomet, photemplate, phoempglobal, and
phoemplocal are fully documented and ready for the release. As soon as this release is out, we will
have some time to spend to get shadowtau into the isis3nightly build, so that it will be ready for
the next release. I'm sorry that we couldn't make it for this release.

#2 Updated by Kenneth Herkenhoff over 7 years ago

HiRISE needs shadow_tau to develop and test procedures that will be used in creating color ratio products and in photometric normalization.

#3 Updated by Tammy Becker about 7 years ago

Updated Target Version...This has been pushed to the August release

#4 Updated by Tammy Becker over 6 years ago

Ella is going to update the documentation for Q1 -ISIS support for consistency with the updated photomet.

The HiRISE specific testing needs to be a separate post. Tammy will create one and then relate it to this original post.

#5 Updated by Ella (Contractor) Lee over 6 years ago

The documentation for shadowtau has been updated. The following is the link if you would like to review the document and make suggestions:

firefox /work/projects/isis/latest/m00455/isis/src/base/apps/shadowtau/shadowtau.html

#6 Updated by Ella (Contractor) Lee over 6 years ago


The modification to shadowtau should not affect any other program.

#7 Updated by Ella (Contractor) Lee over 6 years ago

The documentation for shadowtau was updated. An example of measuring shadows was added to the main description. There was a problem with selecting the empirical functions so that portion of the documentation was commented out. When the program is fixed to handle datafiles or PVL files correctly, the commented portion will be removed.

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