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Can't install ISIS to Ubuntu 16.04.1

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Dear ISIS team,
I have Ubuntu 16.04.1 and I tried to instilled the last version of ISIS.
I followed the manual (at
Create download folder:
$ mkdir isis3
$ cd isis3

Download ISIS and Mission dates:
rsync -azv --delete --partial .
rsync -azv --delete --partial data/

Trued to install (I have bash Shell) (made this commands when I'm located in /home/serg/isis3 folder):

. $ISISROOT/scripts/

And then nothing happened. Tried C shell commands too and change location of ISIS folder, but it's still doesn't work.
Thank you for your advice!


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The execution of the script: . $ISISROOT/scripts/
sets up additional environment variables and modifies your path so Bash can find the ISIS programs. That script follows a traditional Unix, no output indicates success, model. ISIS is a collection of over 300 individual programs. Once the script has been run try executing one of the ISIS programs (e.g., qview, lowpass, ratio, ...).

You indicated your install was Ubuntu 16. Please be aware there may be missing or incompatible libraries between your Ubuntu 16 and the Ubuntu 12 ISIS was built against.

In your description above, you showed a download for ISIS and the Apollo16 data. You will need the "base" area also. See the installation section titled "Partial Download of ISIS 3 Base Data (Required)"

Please add a note to this ticket with any additional information, and when your issue has been resolved, please close the ticket.

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