Bug #4581

isisminer needs some clarification/corrections to documentation and a few code changes/corrections

Added by Kris Becker almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.


isisminer's GisOverlap strategy will no longer output the "Total Geoms" text when debug is false.

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The isisminer application has the following issues that need to be corrected/addressed:

1) GisOverlapStrategy is writing "Total Geoms:" text to the screen unconditionally. This needs to be turned into a debugging statement or removed.

2) The CalculatorStrategy does not recognize variables/keywords with underscores in them when it should. Underscores are common in keywords in PDS PVL products and archives index tables. This problem is either in the Calculator or InlineCalculator classes.

3) In the GisOverlapStrategy, the description of OverlapMerge=Intersect is incorrect. "Intersect" needs to be "Intersection" in the XML docs. It is currently throwing an error.

4) Need to document the Header keyword in the CsvReader strategy. It currently does not exist in the XML docs but is used/useful in cases where the CSV input file does not have a header. The Header keyword is the only way to specify column names in this case (when HasHeader = False).

5) The example for CsvWriter in the XML docs is incorrect. The Filename keyword needs to be CsvFile.

6) Evaluate if each Resource needs to be added to Global parameter space when using the Sidebar strategy. Currently, only AssetSidebar does this.

7) Look into unconditional use of the GEOS RTree in StereoPair strategy. It may be more efficient to employ the Direct computation of intersections rather than this approach.


#1 Updated by Kris Becker almost 2 years ago

isisminer needs a better way to report and log details about the execution of each strategy, particularly when in the Sidebar and AssetSidebar strategies. Currently only the main reports this information and embedded strategies that run in these scopes don't show this data.

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6) and 7) were not completed due to time constraints for this ticket.

#4 Updated by Jesse Mapel over 1 year ago

It was discovered that isisminer does not support logical and, or operators so they are being added.

#5 Updated by Kris Becker over 1 year ago

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