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footprintinit not equipped to deal with ring plane images

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I am trying to use the coregistration tools of ISIS to coregister Cassini ISS images that are SPICE-initialized for later mapping into the cylindrical ring plane.
Trying to use footprintinit provided the attached error message, I am guessing this stems from the fact that things need to be done differently for an actual flat plane that is not curved around an ellipsoidal planetary surface?

Is it possible for footprintinit just to use RingRangeResolution (as the error suggests), when the spiceinit was done with the ring plane?

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Here's the version I'm using on OSX 10.11.6:
2016-08-10 # Version date
v002 # 3rd party libraries version
stable # release stage (alpha, beta, stable)

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The functionality for the ring images is very limited. The standard suite of photogrammetric applications (footprintinit, all cnet* applications, pntreg, jigsaw, etc.) do not support the ring data.

An application such as coreg between two images might work.

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The rings applications are very specialized and not compatible with the normal image control tools in ISIS.

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