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isis3 applications do not start on Virtual Box Ubuntu 14.04

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Dear ISIS Team,

I would like to use ISIS3 for my thesis, but I have problems with the startup. There are several closed tickets in this forum which describe the same issue, but unfortunately their solutions do not work in my case and I spent the last days trying many different approaches to solve the issue on my own, but without success.
I am using a virtual machine with Ubuntu 14.04 (Bourne shell) on a Windows 10 host (ISIS Version is and I strictly followed the guidelines from: https: // documents/ InstallGuide/ index.html# ApolloMission, which were the following steps:

$ cd /Desktop
$ mkdir isis3
$ cd isis3
rsync -azv --delete --partial .
rsync -azv --delete --partial data/
rsync -azv --delete --partial data/
. $ISISROOT/scripts/

When I run the startup file the terminal accepts the command and when I use:
it gives me the correct path to the folder isis which is

But when I try to use for example qview or lowpass he answers me:
Lowpass: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory
However, the file actually is in the folder ~/isis3/isis/3rdParty/lib with a file size of 30 Bytes.

When I try:
He gives me: 3rdParty bin config doc inc IsisDlm IsisPreferences lib license.txt make Makefile scripts src templates version.

When I try:
he tells me that access to /usgs/cpkgs/isis3/data is not possible, folder not found.

When I try:
ls -I $ISISROOT/bin/lowpass
he returns a greenish style line which says /home/valentin/Schreibtisch/isis3/isis/bin/lowpass.

The structure of my isis3 folder is as follows:
Isis3 = main folder on desktop (153.5 GB), contains two folders, data (151.7 GB) and isis (1.9 GB). Data contains base (6.6 GB) and mro (145.1 GB), isis contains 3rdParty, bin, config, doc, inc, IsisDlm, lib, make, scripts, src, templates and four files IsisPreferences, license.txt, Makefile, version.

Thank you very much for your help!!
Best regards, Valentin


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Hi Valentin,

It looks like the blas library was not being distributed with our latest Ubuntu public release.

I've put the library and correct links into the latest Ubuntu (14.04) public release of ISIS (3.5.0).

If you go to the directory where you installed ISIS, you can re-run this rsync command to get this change:

$ cd /Desktop/isis3/isis/3rdParty/lib
rsync -azv --delete --partial .

Let me know if this works.


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Hey Ian,

that worked perfectly well! Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards, Valentin

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