Bug #4698

ProcessByBrick is throwing an exception if brick sizes have not been set

Added by Tyler Wilson over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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This should not be happening because the SetBricks() function is virtual and the brick sizes
are set in the children of ProcessByBrick. There are two boolean variables: p_outputBrickSizeSet, p_inputBrickSizeSet
which need to both be true. Their values are checked in the following functions: ProcessByBrick::PrepProcessCube,ProcessByBrick::PrepProcessCubeInPlace, and ProcessByBrick::PrepProcessCubes.

The following code (listed below) compiles but will throw the following exception if one attemps to run it: "Use the SetBrickSize(), SetInputBrickSize(), or SetOutputBrickSize() method to set the brick sizes."

`include "Isis.h"
#include "ProcessByBrick.h"
#include "ProcessBySample.h"
#include "ProcessByLine.h"
#include "SpecialPixel.h"
#include "Statistics.h"
#include "Pvl.h"
#include "PvlGroup.h"
#include "PvlKeyword.h"

using namespace std;
using namespace Isis;

// Functor for one line/sample. Puts the difference of the current and the
// next DNs into the current for the output. Nulls the last line/sample.
class diff {
diff(QString direction) {
m_direction = direction;

void operator()(Buffer &in, Buffer &out) const {

  double outValue;
  int current;
  int next;

  for (int i = 0; i < in.size(); i++) {
    // Get the indexes for the current and next DNs
    if (m_direction == "RIGHT") {
      current = i;
      next = current + 1;
    else {
      current = (in.size() - 1) - i;
      next = current - 1;

    // Calculate the output value as a difference of both inputs.
    // If either inputs are special, output is Isis::Null.
    outValue = in[current] - in[next];
    if (Isis::IsSpecial(in[current]) || Isis::IsSpecial(in[next])) {
      outValue = Isis::Null;

    // Last line/sample is set to null
    if (i == in.size() - 1){
      out[current] = Isis::Null;
    else {
      out[current] = outValue;

QString m_direction;

void IsisMain() {
UserInterface &ui = Application::GetUserInterface();
QString processType = ui.GetString("PROCESS");
QString diffDirection = ui.GetString("DIRECTION");

diff subtractor(diffDirection);
// We need parent of pbs and pbl to be converted later
ProcessByBrick *p;
ProcessByBrick *p1;

if (processType == "LINES") {
// 'new' returns pointer to object on heap
p = new ProcessByLine;

else {
p = new ProcessBySample;

// Setup the input and output cubes



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  • Added documentation to modified methods and inline comments to explain what is going on / why the changes are needed.

  • Make sure that the unit tests and app tests pass.

  • If there is time:

    • Make sure any added/modified code is tested and update unit test accordingly. If no time, communicate with PO and potentially add new ticket to backlog.

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  • Added inline comments to ProcessByBrick::SetBricks.
  • All system tests passed (except for the tests which are unrelated to this ticket).

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