Bug #4730

spiceinit routine not working for some LROC NAC images

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Robert Sucharski
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Dear ISIS3 support team,

After a recent update of the SPICE Kernels (20 March 2017), the spiceinit routine is not working for the following LROC-images: M104848608RE.IMG and M104855764RE.

As an example the following command gives an error, whereas it was working fine by 09 February 2017:

spiceinit from=M104848608RE.cub spksmithed=true cksmithed=true

If using CK predicted there is no error displayed but the product seems to be wrong after applying lronaccal, lronacecho and cam2map ISIS3 routines as follows:

lronac2isis from=M104848608RE.IMG to=M104848608RE.cub
spiceinit from=M104848608RE.cub ckpredicted=yes cknadir=yes
lronaccal from=M104848608RE.cub
lronacecho to=M104848608RE.cal_echo.cub
cam2map from=M104848608RE.cal_echo.cub to=M104848608RE.map_default.cub matchmap=no pixres=CAMERA defaultrange=minimize

where the PVL file is as follows:

Group = Mapping
ProjectionName = SimpleCylindrical
CenterLongitude = 0.0
TargetName = Moon
EquatorialRadius = 1737400.0
PolarRadius = 1737400.0
LatitudeType = Planetocentric
LongitudeDirection = PositiveEast
LongitudeDomain = 180

I have also used the USGS Astrogeology Cloud Processing (POW) Service to discard any problem with my local set-up and I do also get products which do not seem correct. For reference, the Jobs I have submitted are 3627e2be7aa720908ec9e6d941fde557 and 2f7109f081f0ed9aa55dd48e3654570b (submitted on 2017-04-04)

I would appreciate any advice on how to solve this, as without these products I do not have full coverage to perform the analysis I need.

Many thanks in advance


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Assigned to see if we can reproduce the problem internally.

#4 Updated by John Shinaman over 1 year ago

The error can be reproduced as reported, and is also present using the isis3production2017-01-31 ISIS version. The test was executed on both VM1 and VM4 machines. Additionally, the process was successful using the "ckpredicted=yes cknadir=yes" paramteres, however, this is not unusual given that these are basic prediction and/or speculative kernels. It also follows that any further processing using these kernels would be "off" becasue the positions are only the best guess. The indication is something has changed in the SMITHED SPICE data that has introduced a corruption or gap in the coverage. This should be checked.

Internal test directory: /work/users/jshinaman/Support/RM_4730

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  • Target version set to 3.5.1 (Sprint 1)

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#7 Updated by Robert Sucharski over 1 year ago

Ran ingest and spiceinit of both posted images using vm1(isis3.4.13) and vm4(isis3.5.0). Both versions run successfully.

spiceinit command user: "spiceinit from=M104855764RE.cub cksmithed=yes spksmithed=yes"

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