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details about the command "noproj"

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I need to know some details about the command "noproj".
What is the exact homography (projective transformation) that is applied to the image of the input "cub" file for a given value of the "SPECS"'s file anf the "MATCH"'s file, in order to produce the output cube?

In my project, i use this command as an intermediary step to join images of CCDs of HIRISE. The "SPECS" file that I use is the default one: "noprojInstruments005.pvl", the cube match is the cub file associated with the fifth CCD.
I apply this command on the cub associated to each CCDs.

In particular I need to know, if the center of the image, is the center of the focal Plane of the Camera HIRISE or the central pixel of the CCD 5,the pixel 0 in the (non centered convention).

Thank you for your help.


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Noproj uses the match cube input by the user to (1) apply the match cube's summing mode to the output image (however the user can override the summing mode via the SOURCE parameter), and (2) apply the match's cubes SPICE blobs (i.e., camera pointing and position) to the output cube. The SPECS file defines an idealized HiRISE camera that is the full width of the focal plane (i.e., not broken up by CCD), has no camera distortion, and has the boresight defined at the focal plane center. (SPECS files should not be altered by the user).

noproj uses the match cube and the SPECs file to (1) remove camera distortion and place each CCD within the output image, so that the boresight is at the image center...which is the focal plane center, and (2) use the same perspective geometry (i.e. SPICE) of the match cube in the output cube.

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