Feature #4887

Bug #2244: Pixel (Line/Sample) Projection Offset Issue

let users know when a PDS has needed a pixel referencing override.

Added by Trent Hare over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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This will notify of changes to default offset/mult values in the log file

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When a PDS image is loaded into ISIS and needs to be corrected (meaning the default PDF values were updated via $ISIS3DATA/base/translations/pdsProjectionLineSampToXY.def or V2.def), add a line in the label as a comment or at least a line in the processing log which states as much.

maybe something like...

Group = Mapping
UpperLeftCornerX = -81276.585842362
UpperLeftCornerY = 222595.37654232
/* default translation for PDS pixel offsets to offsets in meters
/* were modify to correct original for PDS label issues. For overrides
/* see: $ISIS3DATA/base/translations/pdsProjectionLineSampToXY_V2.def

If this is too label invasive, then something like it listed in the log.

pseudo code :

defaults are defined in pds2isis:
xMult = -1.0
yMult = 1.0
xOff = 0.5
yOff = 0.5

check for PDS dataset matches in pdsProjectionLineSampToXY_V2.def to override defaults.
check to see if any defaults changed.
If so, write out warning.


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#5 Updated by Trent Hare over 1 year ago

I think this a great start but I have a couple recommendations. I tested the new version against MOLA megdr

$ wget
$ wget
$ pds2isis from=megt90n000eb.lbl to=out.cub

So I see pds2isis writes to stdout which I thought was a bad idea. I do like that it writes to the print.prt. Based on that fact, I would have assume it would also write to the image's history block (but it is missing). Since we are not writing a comment block in the label, I think it should be associated with the image and written within the image's history block.

BTW, is the "Group = Results" something we have normally used in the past? I don't mind it -- especially if it is used elsewhere.

(1) remove from stdout
(2) add to image's history block
(3) perhaps split the text into two lines - e.g.

  Group = Results
    # PDS projection offsets and/or multipliers have been changed from the
    # defaults. The updated values used for importing this image are below.
    xOffset     = -0.5
    yOffset     = -0.5
    xMultiplier = -1
    yMultiplier = 1

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I still recommend 1 and 3 from the list above but adding a comment to the cube history (2) sounds tough so we will skip that.


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