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I'm working with THEMIS thermal data with 12 bands. As I tried to convert *.cub file into *.tif file, It shows an error such as "PROGRAMMER ERROR Array subscript [4] is out of array bounds for keyword [original ban]". There was no problem upto 3rd band, after that I was not able to convert it into *.tif. Can you please look from your end.


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can you please supply your command including the application.

thank you.

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Yes listing your command will be helpful. There are a couple items here you might need to understand.

(1) the ISIS3 command isis2std can only output 8bit or 16bit Tiffs. I assume your THEMIS data might be 32bit floating point.
(2) isis2std can only output 1,3, or 4 band files. Thus you will not be able to export your 12 band image to a 12 band Tiff.
(3) isis2std can only write out a GIS worldfile. This only allows for minimal georeferencing for mapping applications. ISIS3 currently cannot write out fully formed GeoTiffs or other geospatial formats.

If this is your problem, there are other methods to use or convert your 12 band THEMIS data.
(1) Many GIS applications support ISIS3 cubes directly.
(2) To convert a multiple band ISIS2/3 cube (as either 8, 16, or 32bit) to a properly formed GeoTiff, you will need to use an application like gdal_translate. gdal_translate is a conversion utility released with GDAL binaries. see: GDAL binaries are fairly easy to come by and now are provided along with the AMES Stereo Pipeline (if you happen to have it installed) or you can build GDAL yourself.

example conversion from ISIS cub to GeoTiff:

gdal_translate in_12band.cub out_12band_geo.tif

(3) isis2raw might help you if you can deal with a raw binary stream.

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