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Getting socet2isis and isis2socet control network transfer programs working again

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During the LMMP project, Annie Howington-Kraus and a student created ISIS based software, including “socetnet2isis” which reads, converts, and output SOCET SET control network information to the ISIS jigsaw program control network format; and “isisnet2socet”, which does the opposite conversion from the jigsaw control network format to the SOCET SET control network format. For some reason these were never incorporated into ISIS and therefore have not been maintained. To support a project to move a SOCET SET LROC NAC network to ISIS, constrain it with LOLA data, and move it back to SOCET SET, we need to have these programs working again. They are also needed for general use in constraining an ISIS controlled mosaic to a SOCET SET derived DTM (which was their main use during LMMP work). At a minimum these programs need changed to write and read the current Jigsaw (PVL or binary) format control point files. They also need adapted to be able to read and write data that uses the new (Astrogeology) pushbroom camera model being used in SOCET SET (in this new model there is no longer a need to pad images in order to have the boresight at the center of the images; and the flipping of the right LROC images and 180 degree turns of the LRO spacecraft are properly handled). Note that the same file format is apparently going to be used for SOCET GXP in the future, so these programs are needed in any case to handle both SOCET SET and SOCET GXP data.

Further details on this work are included in a 2016 August write-up by B. Archinal, available from within Astrogeology as the file S:\barchinal\PDART\PDART14-LRO\ ControlNetConversionSoftwareTask-info_V1.docx .

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There are several folders (files) to test against. Please review the .docx for details. Test folders are available locally from here:

I will sign-up Lynn to maybe help explain the files since she was and will be a user. I, Brent and David can help too (and to test).

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