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mimap2isis - delete or update Kaguya MI MAP ingest application

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At the data workshop a Kaguya team member informed us all the labels were updated to fix original pixel offset issues. Their recommendation was to delete mimap2isis and we could simply use pds2isis. There still might be some special keywords handled by mimap2isis which will require us to keep it around.

* download new label (check for updates or versioning in labels).
* import using mimap2isis and pds2isis see what is different.

If mimap2isis "label" contains extra keywords, keep the program and fix label offset reader -- but hopefully based on a version in the label. If old label version keep original update. If new label, trust the values as typical PDS offset values.

if mimap2isis doesn't contain extra keywords, potentially deprecate application.

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  • Related to Bug #4505: mimap2isis - Import PDS formatted Kaguya MI MAP file to ISIS3 cube format added

#2 Updated by Trent Hare 12 months ago

If the application stays around it will need clarification for the documentation also. I am leaning toward the opinion that mimap2isis will need to stick around since pds2isis will not pickup all the metadata. But that means the original negative offset value from the label, if fixed by JAXA, will still need to be updated or somehow check to see if there is a label version it can use to negate or not negate the offset value.

documentation notes to clarify: background, which archive(s) (and version), how to set NULLs, and also just how to handle uncompressing the files "*.sl2" is just a tar. once untarred, "igz" needs renamed to .img.gz before gunzip will decompress.

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