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Install the NAIF N0066 SPICE Toolkit and upgrade ISIS as needed

Added by Kris Becker 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

Kris Becker
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NAIF makes every attempt to maintain backward binary compatibility with previous versions. We have confirmed this in testing. There are some code changes that may be require, particularly to the DSK, since this is the first formal release of this feature in NAIF N0066.

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The NAIF team released version N0066 of the SPICE toolkit. This toolkit also contains the formal release of the Digital Shape Kernel (DSK) that has been integrated into ISIS since ISIS 3.4.9 (2014).

The current DSK library is separate from the CSPICE library and therefore will disappear with this upgrade.


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#2 Updated by Kris Becker 9 months ago

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We will test binary compatibility for N0065 and immediately install and use N0066 in our development systems when complete.

#3 Updated by Kris Becker 9 months ago

Binary compatibility has been confirmed on all systems.

Upgrading our development systems is now in progress.

#4 Updated by Kris Becker 9 months ago

Installation of the NAIF SPICE toolkit is complete.

Note the ISIS development environment has been made to be backward compatible on all our systems.

Some ISIS code needs to be updated (a few alpha DSK includes need to be removed) to be forward compatible with N66 and that will be done next.

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Changes to remove the DSK alpha specific code and libraries from all platforms are complete.

There is still an OSIRIS-REx mission specific issue remaining that is being worked by the mission dev team.

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  • Software Version set to 3.5.1 (2017-08-08 Aug)

Looks good for the upcoming 3.5.1 release of ISIS.

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