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Problem obtaining a DEM: No camera

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I am trying to process the ExoMars landing site images provided on the Hirise website by the MRO but have troubles obtaining a DEM from these raw JP2 images. and its stereo pair.

From what I understand, I cannot directly run the "stereo" command and need to first add some spice data using "spiceinit".

I converted the JP2 images to .cub ISIS format using "std2isis". Here is the error showing up when using the stereo command:
Error: ERROR Unable to initialize camera model from group [Instrument]

Now, I want to add "spice" information by running "spiceinit". The following error shows up:
PROGRAMMER ERROR No value or default value to translate for translation group [MissionName] in file [/home/thomas/Isis/isis/../data/base/translations/MissionName2DataDir.trn].

I edited MissionName2DataDir.trn by adding

The error disappeared but another one showed up:
ERROR Unable to find PVL group [Instrument] in file [EXM_img2.cub].

I have no clue on how to solve this. I found someone having a similar issue ( but who had EDR instead of RDR images, so this person could use "lronac2isis" which is only available with .img images...

I found plausible solutions for my problem using .IMG images, but none with the JP2 format I have. (

Could you please suggest me a solution to obtain a DEM of this area? Do you know what causes the last error mentionned above? Any information would be very appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time.


Thomas Lew


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The image and it's stereo pair have associated label files (*.lbl). From these labels it appears these images have been projected and therefore can not have camera data provided using spiceinit. You can get the lat lon data for the cubes after the std2isis conversion by using maplab and the information in the label files. I am not sure what the "stereo" command is but ISIS3 is not able to create a camera from an image that has been projected.

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