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Qview Spatial plot tool

Added by Spencer Devins about 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Recently I have had the need to use the spatial plot tool in Qview in order to obtain the value for pixels of multiple bands at once.

For example if I open 4 of the same cube and have each cube set to a different band I can use the spatial plot tool (line measurement) To get the pixel value for each band for EACH of those pixels.

However, if I use the rotated rectangle in order to take an area measurement, it interpolates the pixels.

Is there a polygon type measuring tool that will allow me to get the value for every individual pixel like the line-type-spatial plot tool does?

The end goal is to obtain the ascii data tables that come out from the plotting tool, but instead of averaged values like the normal polygon tools give (Rotated Rectangle, Spectral plot, Histogram.) I need every individual pixel value like the line tool for spatial plot.



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#2 Updated by Spencer Devins about 2 years ago

EDIT 8/1/2017 (1:03):

It also just came to my attention that ALL of the spatial plot tools (Line and rotated rectangle) interpolate pixels plotted.

From my understanding Nearest Neighbor is the most precise of the three possible interpolation techniques.

But I am still looking for some kind of polygon-type tool that will plot the pixel values for every pixel measured in the polygon.

Additionally the ability to do this with multiple cubes opened to the different bands but spatially synced would be a blessing.

#3 Updated by Spencer Devins about 2 years ago

Second update:

The Histogram tool does exactly what I need, give a value for each pixel in a given cube/band.

However it cannot do this measurement on multiple linked cubes (Like the spatial plot, or zoom or other tools can do on cubes that have been linked)

When using these other tools the data plotted is usually rendered as other columns in the plot table.

Is there a way to use Histogram on linked cubes?

#4 Updated by Spencer Devins about 2 years ago

Update 3:

I have found a request in this internal system 'Feature #986' from 5 years ago that is the exact same request.

This is a juicy feature I would love to have for a large range of planetary science applications.

Any update?

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#6 Updated by Tammy Becker almost 2 years ago

Hi Spencer,

I've "related" your request to the older qview-histogram feature request.

I reviewed the last note posted on this original request and it looks like it was determined to be a fairly large effort, I will request from our developers an updated assessment of this.

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