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ciss2isis - dealing with input saturated pixels

Added by Tammy Becker 4 months ago. Updated 12 days ago.

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High saturation pixels are now ingested as HRS instead of HIS in ciss2isis

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Upon conversion to ISIS3 from PDS, should an input (high) saturated pixel be assigned "HIS" at ingestion and not "HRS"? or low saturated pixel be assigned LIS?

example image:
ciss2isis from=/pds_san/PDS_Archive/Cassini/ISS/coiss_2014/data/1500060254_1500210689//W1500063766_2.LBL to=W1500063766_2.cub


#1 Updated by Tammy Becker 4 months ago

I'm referring to the ISIS3 definition of special pixel values:

HIS/LIS are instrument saturated pixel...they are not introduced by any ISIS application

HRS/LRS are saturated pixel values introduced by an ISIS application

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#4 Updated by Summer Stapleton 23 days ago

Hi Tammy, unfortunately there is no way to decipher between a null value and an LIS value at ingestion due to the image file being treated as an 8-bit, but it looks like you might be right about HIS needing to be assigned instead of the HRS, so that will be corrected.

You have a relative path to an image file that can be used to test this; is it possible to get the full path? Thank you!

#5 Updated by Tammy Becker 22 days ago

Thank you for looking into the low range values. It will have to remain NULL then.

I'm glad that HIS is possible, it is the most likely value tracked.

I've copied the mentioned PDS input image to:

/work/projects/usertests/UserTestPlans/Data/CameraType/Frame/Cassini-ISSW1500063766_2.IMG, .LBL

Just an FYI, the /pds_san path can be seen from a user machine, like astrovm4.

#6 Updated by Summer Stapleton 21 days ago

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Fix built on Fedora25 and can be found at /work/projects/isis/latest/m05106

The only change is in ciss2isis.cpp at line 251

(I should have known about the /pds_san path - sorry and thank you!)

#7 Updated by Tammy Becker 13 days ago

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I've tested this on prog25 and what was mapped to HRS is now being mapped to HIS.

Thank you.

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#9 Updated by Adam Goins 12 days ago

Code Review looks good -- Needs a history comment referencing this ticket number but besides that looks great.

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