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Rosetta data download?

Added by Ryan Clegg-Watkins 23 days ago. Updated 1 day ago.

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I am trying to figure out how to process Rosetta OSIRIS NAC images. I know to use rososiris2isis, and I'm trying to convert an image from the PDS, specifically N20040902T151422548ID30F22.img from this site:

When I choose that image in rososiris2isis, I get this error (I don't know what path names are missing in the "...":
"Unable to open

Is there a set of data I need to download that is specific to Rosetta? I did this for LROC but I can't find a link for the Rosetta data.

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Ryan, The error message looks like you may not have downloaded the data area for Rosetta. Does the directory from the error message exist?

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That's what I figured the message meant, I have not downloaded anything. My original question was regarding where to find this data to download, I can't find a link in the ISIS3 documentation.

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Rosetta is a newly supported mission and the documentation does not reflect it yet. Please use the installation guide at:
as a reference, and use this command for Rosetta:
rsync -azv --delete --partial data/

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ok great, I'm downloading the data now!

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